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Lindt Lindor Mini EggI’m calling this a ‘mini egg’ as it doesn’t appear to have a real name. The (rather plain) foil wrapping just has the ‘Lindt Lindor’ brand on it and not much else.

Whatever you want to call this egg (I called mine Kylie), it’s a bit of an oddity. It’s very small (28g) and sits on the shelf in the shop looking a little sorry for itself, when in actual fact it should be shouting and making a noise.

You see, while it has a few flaws in its design, it’s really rather nice.

When opened, the egg splits in half lengthways, with each half filled with a delicious, creamy truffle. Except that it’s not quite ‘filled’ to the top. This is presumably so you can split it in half more easily, but in reality it just leaves you feeling a little short-changed.

Lindt Lindor Mini EggThe milk chocolate shell is typical Lindt – smooth, creamy and very tasty. Lindt is certainly one of my favourite makers of milk chocolate and this doesn’t disappoint. Except for the fact there’s just not enough of it!

With a little bit of attention to detail, this could easily give Cadbury Creme Egg a run for its money, but in its current form it seems like a bit of a half-hearted effort from Lindt.

On the offchance that anyone from Lindt is reading this, I have some suggestions on how to improve this offering for next Easter:

  • Give it a proper name! (Kylie is a nice name, isn’t it?)
  • Make it bigger! It needs to be at least as big as a Creme Egg to get my attention.
  • Make the shell thicker
  • Fill it up completely. I don’t like paying for air – even high quality Swiss air)
  • Give it a funky wrapper
  • Send me free chocolate a review sample

I look forward to tasting Kylie’s sibling (erm…) next Easter. Until then, I might pick up another one of these in passing, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy them.


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  1. Why buy the egg when you can have a whole Lindt Lindor chocolate bar? You can tell I don’t really care much about whether it’s Easter or not… :))) My local Tesco has them and they are certainly one of my favourite chocolate treats!

  2. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Sylke: I can only buy what’s in my local shop… and my nearest Tesco isn’t quite within walking distance unfortunately. 🙂

  3. nelly

    hey, the easter eggs in germany are always only half filled, i don’t know what you want 😉 and i have to say that lindt is the best chocolate brand ever!

  4. beena

    i think that this egg should have a real name, as my friend asked me 2 get him a liqour egg from the shop && i had no idea wat this was & me & my other friend have been thinkin hes lost some screws and makin up names of chocolate…. but three days down the line we have found out thats its a LINDOR egg doesnt sound as funny as liqour but o well mayb they should call it liqour!!!! I myt try 1 now!!

  5. Ella

    As The Woman Said She Named Hers Kylie But A Friend Of Mine Named It A Liquor Egg So It Confused Me And My Other Friend Cuz We Thought Der Was Alcohol In It Funnii Story!

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