Lindt Lindor Dark Peppermint

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Lindt Lindor Dark Peppermint

Stockings I’ve always thought add to the fanciful, fun feel of Christmas. Sure, tearing and hacking away at wrapping paper has its charms, but a stocking filled with candy and a trinket or so — that’s festive. Hence, when my brother and I went up to our parents’ this year, I went with candies and chocolates in tow. What does it matter that we would now be four adults? Edible holiday traditions are not to be disposed of so easily.

In my carefully chosen selection were these limited edition Lindor truffles, dark chocolate and peppermint donning dark green for the season. The twenty-one separately wrapped truffles were perfect for slipping into stockings. I must not have noticed on other Lindor packages before, however, that Lindt uses artificial vanilla (which really annoys me for some reason), as well as vegetable oil. Is that really necessary?

Lindt Lindor Dark Peppermint

All the same, these Dark Peppermints are all one expects from Lindor truffles. Some cross between chocolates and truffles, the thick chocolate shell is home to the Lindor filling, creamy as butter, cool, melting almost like the way foam dissipates. Smoothness is one thing Lindt does so well.

The peppermint has an even taste, its coolness combining well with the coolness of the filling. It makes its presence known without being at all strong. Just adds some flavor to perk up the chocolate. That chocolate, I would probably call it boring on its own. At 60%, though nice enough, it tastes of plain chocolate and nothing more.

They’re not the sort of chocolates that wow you, but they do fit into the holidays nicely. I certainly didn’t see any of my family complaining about them.


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