Lindt Lindola

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Lindt Lindola

A few weeks ago, we had an intelligent, thoughtful and excited reader by the name of Tam get in touch:

Hi Guys!
I’m so confident of Lindt’s ‘Lindola’ collection, (found in Aussie Woolworths thus far) I’ll buy a box for our ‘local Chocoblog reps’ to try if they can’t source it themselves. The flavours in this box are mostly lighter to taste but also have some darker ‘kisses’ as well. They have a lingering flavour, and would work wonders over a coffee and, maybe some conversation if one is so inclined that way between mouthfuls and fistfights!

Luckily for Tam and her wallet, I managed to find some quite easily on my own at the local supermarket. Life’s good when Lindt is now pushing Dairy Milk further along the shelves.

Lindola has a few of the ‘classics’ included that we’ve reviewed and loved before, such as the dark chocolate-covered Caramel Fondante, the exquisite Almond Cornet, cookies-n-cream-inspired Stracciatella Dome (also available in boxed Lindor balls whenever the enigmatic Lindt folk are in the mood), their ruggedly handsome Brownie and the top notch Gianduja Crème. All are magnificent and worthy of their place in a box rather confidently subtitled ‘Prestige Gourmet Assortment.’

Lindt Lindola

The whiff of quality chocolate and ingredients is evident the second the plastic is removed and the tiny protective layer is flung away in eager anticipation. Resting in gold, they look rather pretty too. But what of the other four flavours?

Firstly, the Marzipan Buchette, or the rectangular one with the dark stripes on it. Now if you’re not a marzipan fan, don’t reject this immediately because it is subtle and seductive. There’s not the usual gritty white almond paste in here, but a fine, mousse-like interior with a hint of almond liqueur. This is a lovely introduction for nervous anti-marzipan fans who might want to keep an open mind.

Secondly, the knobbly looking Macadamia Croquer. Macadamias tend to be found in airport departure lounges and are overpriced, soggy and coated in god-awful compounded chocolate. Not this little treasure. Lindt have managed to keep the macadamia pieces wonderfully crunchy as they’re encased in a thick layer of milk chocolate to munch through before hitting the silken inner praline inside. A real macadamia masterpiece that would be great in a block, hint hint.

Thirdly, the Cappuccino delice. Actually, I think I have reviewed this before, but it’s worth it for the surprise factor. The white chocolate (milk froth?) on top hides a deliciously dark coffee crème inside that sits atop a layer of milk chocolate (coffee grains?). This really is a cute rendition of a cappuccino that is not sickly, but serious.

Last but certainly not least is the Pyramide Noir. This is a revelation and a shame that Lindt is teasing us by only putting two in the box. The melt-in-the-mouth dark chocolate dissolves to reveal an even darker, creamier filling inside that’s studded with tiny, crisp wafer pieces. This is my favourite of them all and my dreams would come true if this could be made into a block.

Overall, this is a gorgeous representation of what Lindt does so well. If you gave someone a box of these babies they’d know that you value them!


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  1. I could have sworn we have something very similar here in Britain only under a different name. I know in the Swiss Tradition collection there are a few of those chocolates as well as in the Petit Desserts. Funny how Lindt messes around a bit in other countries with the same sort of chocolates.

  2. Ben

    Pyramide Noir is my fav too…

  3. But they’re experts at putting in a few new delights that leave me wanting more. Cruel but clever!

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