Lindt Fioretto

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Lindt Fioretto

I hope I haven’t taken long enough getting to this bag that the “New” sticker is wholly meaningless; I promise they were new (to the U.S., that is) when I bought them. And the best before date is still for two more months; the chocolates themselves show no signs of staleness. So pretend that they just appeared on store shelves this week.

This bag has a disappointing look to it: plain and boring, nothing draws me to it except that it’s Lindt so it might be worth trying. I went for the assortment to try all the flavors at once. They are: hazelnut praline, cappuccino, and caramel. All are milk chocolate, which is good for me since I realize it’s Lindt’s milk, not dark, chocolate that I like. In contrast with the bag, the coloring on the individual chocolates I do like — still simple, but more appealing.

Lindt Fioretto

The hazelnut praline is dressed in blue. The chocolate wears stripes of darker chocolate, with crisped rice showing from underneath. The rice I felt disturbing to the smoothness at first, but these aren’t Lindor truffles. As your mindset switches over, the crunching, coupled with the taste of hazelnut, tricks you into thinking that’s hazelnut instead of crisped rice (there are actually a couple hazelnut bits, but nothing much). The rest of it is smoooth, milky — so I like it because I like hazelnut.

Lindt Fioretto

Donning a cream wrapper is the cappuccino. Nice and fresh coffee smell; the cappuccino taste has a strong impact without being overly strong itself. Not so milky, overall, as the hazlenut. Again, I like it because I like coffee in chocolate. Last is the caramel, in golden orange. The caramel is quite nice: it has sugar and vanilla tastes that don’t scream out artificial. This is possibly the best of the three just because it’s carried out nicer than the usual specimen of this flavor.

So they’re nice, but that’s all. I feel the same way about Lindors, except when one is in my mouth and I submit to its smoothness. The Fioretto collection doesn’t act the same way — they stay at the level of okay.


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  1. GrumpyTart

    Oooh, being a huge fan of Lindt Lindor, these sound lovely – I really hope they’ll be available in the UK soon 🙂

  2. Sal

    Strangely, I’ve had these Fioretto chocolates before, but I don’t remember them being Lindt. Have Lindt bought the name or the original company (unfortunately I can’t remember who they were) or have I just forgotten that they were Lindt?

    I quite liked them, although I think I only had the hazelnutty ones. However, they aren’t anything particularly special…

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