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After my recent spate of ‘oddball’ reviews I thought I’d pop in something a little more ‘normal’ – a Lindt bar I bought in Spain a little while ago.

Another member of the ‘Intense’ range, I hadn’t seen this in the UK at all, so it’s probably another one of those bars that are only available on the continent. The combination of pear and chocolate is also something of an oddity. I don’t believe it has cropped up on Chocablog at all in the past, other than in the Pear & Chocolate Jam I reviewed earlier in the year, and that was from Spain.

Like the rest of the range, it’s cocoa content is only 47% but the chocolate is pleasantly dark in colour. As you can see, it’s also shot through with flaked almonds, an addition which seemed a little superfluous until I got down to the business of tasting it.

Now, as collective Chocablogger experience has shown time and again, Lindt products consistently deliver and this is no exception. Intense is definitely a word I’d use to describe the aroma of the chocolate. It’s dark and deep, with a slight citrus overtone and tons of cocoa.

I was a little surprised by the lack of pear smells, and for a minute I wondered if this was going to be a bit of a wimpy bar when it came to the fruit element, but of course it’s Lindt, and of course it has pear flavour. Pop a square in your mouth and bite down and the moment it starts to break down your taste buds are flooded with an absolutely stunning combination of chocolate and pear. The chocolate is not perhaps as deep and dark as the aroma might suggest, but the two flavours are blended superbly well. The addition of flaked roasted almonds adds an unexpected crunchy counterpoint to the chocolate and pear, rounding off the whole taste experience rather well. It’s unusual, it’s delicious, and it ought to be available everywhere, not just on the continent!

I suppose the only way to conclude is to repeat the oft-heard Chocablog “Why oh why aren’t we allowed more of this yummy stuff in the UK” plea. Come on Lindt, we Brits love our chocolate too.

Send us your entire range of products and sweep away the bland and the boring for once and for all.


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  1. …and the same goes for us Aussies – Matt, Mark, Thomas…. can we get this flavour, and cherry/chilli, and 99% and whatever other tantalising delicacies are available only in Europe, here in the land Down Under?

    pretty please with a cherry on top?????

  2. Tamaroy

    I just bought this choc in Coles, ACT. Tuggeranong, to be precise. Now very much looking forward to eating it . . . !

  3. Wayne

    I just tried this (in Canada), and I must say I have to agree with the description of “absolutely stunning” for the flavour of this bar – YUM!

  4. jen

    Hmm… maybe the manufacturing of the European bar is different but having tasted it, it smelt nothing like pear and tasted nothing like it either. The pieces were like soft, crystallised (very sugary) indiscernible fruit. Don’t get me wrong, it tasted great, just not what I was anticipating; the almond was the highlight for me not the ‘intense’ pear.

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