Lillie Belle Farms Sunshine Daydream

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Lillie Belle Farms Sunshine Dream

Last month I reviewed my first ever bar from Lillie Belle Farms, the Oregon based bean-to-bar chocolate maker. Although I wasn’t immediately drawn to the packaging, I discovered a unique and delicious chocolate underneath. Chocolate maker Jeff Shepherd was kind enough to leave his own feedback in the comments on that review and I do suggest you take a moment to check that out if you haven’t already.

Although at £9.99 a bar Lillie Belle Farms chocolate isn’t cheap, that first taste was enough to have me wanting more, and so on my most recent trip to Selfridges, I picked up this bar; a 45% milk chocolate with a twist.

The twist? This bar is made with buttermilk and (according to the ingredients list) blue cheese powder. Now I’m aware Lillie Belle also make a bar that puts blue cheese front and centre, so I’m assuming that this bar is a little lighter on the penicillin than its cheesier sibling.

Lillie Belle Farms Sunshine Dream

As you can see it’s a beautiful looking bar. With its unique design and deep reddish brown colour, it’s almost a shame to break off a chunk. But when you do you are rewarded with a chocolate that tastes good as it looks.

The fruitiness of the Peruvian cocoa beans is evident and works exceptionally well with the milk / buttermilk combination. I can’t say I can taste any cheese which may or may not be a good thing, depending on your point of view!

It’s a rich and creamy flavour with a wonderful buttery, malty note. There’s a hint of smokiness suggesting a fairly high roast – something I’m not usually keen on, but it’s a flavour combination that I love in this chocolate.

If you’re into rich and creamy milk chocolates, then I recommend seeking this out. I can’t wait to try the rest of the Lillie Belle Farms range.


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