Leonidas Nibs

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Another of the Belgian chocolate legend’s bars, only this time it’s a 54% dark chocolate, often referred to as ‘bittersweet’ chocolate and in this case not without good reason, for once again I see that 21g of it’s 50g is indeed ‘sugars’. Tsk.

This time the chocolate is joined by one of my perennial favourites, cocoa nibs, but it’s the sugars that win the initial taste battle, more or less crushing the cacao opposition from the off. What cacao flavours are there are fairly bland and uninteresting, putting this firmly ino the ‘mass produced confectionery’ bracket in my book, despite Leonidas’ impressive pedigree.

On the basis of the two bars and a box of pralines I had a while back, I can’t help but feel that Leonidas (and other long established chocolate companies) have stagnated to some extent. Yes, I know that globally there hasn’t been an upsurge of interest in fine chocolate in the way that there has been in London and other parts of the UK, but I had expected something a little more exciting than what I ended up with. The best part was the nibs at the end, but after two chunks I didn’t even want to have to eat the chocolate to get to the nibs.

My final word? Dull, formulaic chocolate with too much sugar in it from a company trading on it’s name. If Swiss companies like Lindt can produce fresh looking, innovative products surely you could do similar? Time to update your range I feel, because this sort of thing isn’t going to cut it for much longer.


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  1. Leonidas is indeed legendary!

  2. Awesome. Made to look like embossed gold bars.

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