Leonidas Feuilletine Milk Chocolate

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Something from one of the big names in Belgian chocolate, and to my surprise a quick search of Chocablog shows that in five years none of us has had their hands on any Leonidas product (well, at least not long enough for it to have been photographed and reviewed).

This is one of a brace of 50g bars I bought in Brussels earlier this year, and chosen for the Fueilletine as much as anything else – because I happen to really enjoy the combination of slivers of crisp wafer and chocolate.

This is 30% cocoa milk chocolate, and it’s exactly what you might expect. Slightly sweet, creamy with a full bodied flavour. There are plenty of feuilletine pieces in there to provide crunch and texture. The wafer pieces are crisp and light and the chocolate is creamy, but it is definitely on the sweet side.

A look at the packaging tells me that 26g of this 50g bar is ‘sugars’, and that’s a heck of a lot of sugar by weight. I’ve become a bit of a fan of higher cocoa content milk chocolate of late, and for me there was just too much sugar and not enough of the cocoa for my liking, but if you’re a fan of ‘ordinary’ milk chocolate then you’re quite likely to enjoy this bar, but with that level of sugar I can’t help but wonder whether this qualifies as chocolate or confectionery.


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  1. Ana

    Leonidas have a shop less than 5 minutes away from one of the places where I used to have classes, so I have got to try quite a lot of their products over the years.

    I tried this particular bar a year ago and my impressions were pretty much the same (which I guess it’s not surprising, given that my preference also lies with the higher cocoa content milk chocolate – Zotter, Rausch or Schwermer have very nice products covering that area). I found the texture lovely, but wished it wasn’t so much on the sweet side. And that’s how I feel about most of their range: I like how the chocolate melts in the mouth, it’s creamy, but I’d certainly like it less sweet.

    That’s probably why my favourite products from Leonidas are made with dark chocolate. They have quite a few chocolates which are made in all three versions – dark, milk and white (or at least in dark and milk) and I discovered that I always like the dark versions better. The ones that spring to mind are ‘Tosca’ and ‘Europe’, which are basically the same thing (rum ganache in a dark/ milk chocolate shell), except that the shape differs (‘Europe’ is round, ‘Tosca’ is square), ‘Ganache’, which is dark ganache in a dark/ milk chocolate shell, ‘Antoinette’ – vanilla ganache in a dark/ milk chocolate shell, ‘Poesie’ – Cointreau ganache in a dark/ milk/ white chocolate shell. They also have a few other chocolates that I like and that only come in a dark chocolate version – I recall one called ‘I Love You’ (with lemon cream) and one called ‘Fine Orange’ (with a chocolate-hazelnut-orange cream inside the dark shell and with white chocolate stripes all around).

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