Leone Chocolate Drops

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Here’s something I bought from HF Chocolates in Milton Keynes. These two little boxes of Leone Chocolate Drops are somewhat unusual in that they happen to be dairy free – something that will please at least four people I know, and probably many more.

Despite the fact they’re branded as ‘dark’ chocolate, I’d put them more in the ‘continental bittersweet’ category. Shape wise, they’re a little like miniature Rolos but without any caramel, Oh, and they’re made with proper chocolate.

Taste wise, these have remarkably similar characteristics. The chocolate is soft, light, and melts quickly. Obviously the 74% version is slightly more bitter than the 64% (which comes across more like a high cocoa content milk chocolate) but I found them both rather enjoyable. One major criticism has to be the packaging. Once you’ve removed the paper outer on a box of Leone pastilles, there’s nothing to tell you which version you’re eating. Given that the non-dairy free versions also come in the same boxes, this could be an issue for the unwary chocolate eater.

Judging by the delighted reaction of one of my milk-free friends, this sort of chocolate is still something of a rarity in the UK (either that or she just doesn’t look that hard). Judging by the taste of these pastilles, I’d say anyone is likely to enjoy munching on them. They’re a handy way to keep a little chocolate fix in your pocket, they’re obviously made with ‘proper’ chocolate, and they didn’t cost me a fortune.

Unfortunately (for you) HF Chocolates is a wholesaler, so you’re going to have to look for suppliers in the UK. But it will be worth your while.


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