Kras Dorina Jaffa

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Kras Dorina Jaffa

Time for another strange import from the depths of the stash.

We picked this up a while back in a supermarket, or continental store – it’s hard to remember where. Kras chocolate comes from Zagreb, in Croatia. So to reach us in Australia this really has come a long way.

A quick reading of the web site (and a reading between the lines) shows an interesting history – including a number of earlier companies and what seems like a period of state ownership – hardly surprising in what used to be Yugoslavia.

Chocolate and orange can go very well together, so I took this from the stash with hands trembling with anticipation. I could barely wait to photograph it, but I was able to restrain myself for long enough to dash off a quick pic of the package. I was very surprised to then open it, and find two things that stood out. Firstly – the chocolate is sealed in a silver plastic wrapping (no surprises there), but it sits on what seems to be a piece of plasticised card. I guess that’s to give some rigidity to the package, but it is a little unusual. And secondly, the aroma. Or rather, the lack of aroma – for while there is a bit of a smell, its not very strong.

Kras Dorina Jaffa

Checking the ingredients shows the filling comprises 47% of the total, and the chocolate is 48% cocoa solids. Number 1 on the list is sugar, and number 3 is hydrogenated vegetable fat. I have no idea if that goes in the filling, or the chocolate. There is also lemon-orange fruit base 0.3% (that’s not a typo), and natural fruit flavour at some extremely low amount. And they include / use, or add lactose! That gets me quite grumpy. About half the population of the world don’t tolerate lactose very well (me included) so adding lactose to food products is something that gets me hot under the collar. There is no need for it.

In spite of the lactose, I pressed on diligently – enthusiasm waning somewhat – for the taste test.

Its OK. If you can buy this as a cheap chocolate, it would fit the bill for being cheap. If you pay more than about $1.50 Australian (or around about £1) then you are paying too much. This is an acceptably made, mass produced, filled chocolate with an orangey flavour. No more, no less. . I’d never rush out and tell anybody they had to buy this, not would I recoil in horror. It’s not terrible, nor is it outstanding. Just ordinary.


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  1. Ashleigh

    I might add that the kids tried it and were far less generous than I was. They don’t like it, and when I said it was an orange flavour filling their response was “oh. Well, I can’t taste it.”

  2. Ana

    I haven’t tried this one. I’ve tried the biscuit and the punch ones. The biscuit one I didn’t like at all, but the punch one was good for such a cheap chocolate. It’s really cheap here, about one third the prices you’ve mentioned.

  3. Kladyelf

    I tried it… i didn’t mind the biscuitty part, that was sort of intriguing, but the rest varied from meh, to bleh, i found the chocolate sort of greasy and unpleasant, not one i would spend money for. Weirdly enough at the same place i bought this (cheap as chips) i also got (for the same price mind you) a block of (plain) Milka chocolate!! and that was really good, lovely and creamy and melty (bought this in the heights of summer so no surprise there) i couldn’t get past how two things with the same price could be so different, but i guess that’s the cheap shop for you.

  4. Ashleigh

    Agreed. Though I don’t like Milka. I’ve found it to be pretty ordinary (though the kids don’t agree). The Dorina has NOT grown on me with subsequent checking. The family won’t touch it, and I’m now revising my opinion in the direction of “don’t bother”.

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