Klondike Slim-a-Bear Chocolate Fudge Bar

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Stephanie and Brittany from Klondike’s PR firm were nice enough to send me a few samples of chocolate ice cream. The first of these, being part of a health-conscious line, is sugar-free, with Splenda in its place. Now, I like fudge bars, but I’m part of that group that thinks artificial sweeteners taste bad and are worse for you than real sugar. And my favorite fudge bars just hapen to have tofu in them. Gives them a nice texture. That said, what did I think of these?

Well, the first thing I noticed was that the color is a little bland. But that’s forgiveable considering there are no artifical colors added. The problem is that the taste is slightly bland as well. More chocolate would help both these causes. Later on, the flavor gets a bit stronger, tasting more like brownie than fudge. The good thing is that you can’t tell it doesn’t have sugar and neither could I taste any Splenda. And of cuorse the frothy feel, characteristic of a fudge bar, of it is nice.

But there are better fudge bars out there (tofu kind!) than these, though maybe they kept the ingredients short to fit into a hundred calories. So if that’s important to you, sure, these taste fine. But I know it isn’t one of my priorities. I go for taste first, and these aren’t at the very top in that category.


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  1. jMo

    Have you tried Skinny Cow fudgesicles? They’re the best.

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