Jersey Devil Hot & Spicy

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Jersey Devil Chocolates, being a new company, currently have a single product: a 54% dark chocolate bar with chipotle chili and cranberries that sells for $3.50. The premise is the Jersey Devil folklore of a flying, hoofed creature in New Jersey, where the company is based. As I stare at the face on the white wrapper, his image puts in mind Mr. Tumnus from the animated The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (which is a commentary on the quality of that movie, not on the Jersey Devil, with whom I have no problem as far as images of Jersey Devils go).

The bar itself is simple. The bottom face is studded at intervals with cranberries, an interesting and unexpected addition, especially for a company who makes only one bar. It can bode well, though, if it means that Jersey Devil is going their own way while making another spicy chocolate bar.

My taste explication is thus: some chocolate, some fruit, some building spice, some fruit as it is exposed more by the melting chocolate, more building spice that now begins to itch down the throat, a temporary respite to taste the chocolate, spice, chocolate, and a finish on one last cranberry piece. It leaves you with a glow of spice that I found, strangely, to be the highlight. It’s warm with the memory of the chocolate (which I have no further comment on since you can never get much of a handle on it).

Don’t misunderstand this bar: it has a real kick. Because of this, the cranberries are a welcome addition. They offer a chance to leave the spice in the background for a couple seconds, keeping the chocolate from being in constant flame. I’d say it’s a good start from Jersey Devil. The single half square I started with was enough for a whole experience.


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