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I picked this pair of iPods… er… “iMods” up at Taste of Christmas last week. They’re made by a company called CioMod in Modica, Sicily, and sold in the UK by Sicily In London.

Being a bit of an Apple fan, it was obviously the packaging that caught my eye here. Almost exactly the same size and shape as an iPod Nano, “iMod” comes in seven flavours, and even has a play on the old “Thing Different” slogan. What more could a fan boy ask for?

I purchased a chilli and a banana flavoured iMod, but really had no idea what was inside the colourful boxes. As it turns out, the chocolate itself is equally cool.


I should have guessed that this is exactly the same kind of “Cioccolato Modicano” as the DeAnglis block I reviewed back in October. Rather than being conched and tempered to form the smooth chocolate we’re used to, the cocoa and sugar are simply forced together under high pressure. The result is a crunchy, crispy almost biscuit-like texture that ‘disolves’ rather than melts in the mouth. It’s the kind of chocolate you either love or hate, but personally I love it.

The iPod like design is carried on to the bar itself, although the nature of this kind of course-grained chocolate isn’t ideal for molding into fancy patterns. The screen and the cocoa bean click wheel are clearly visible though. It may look a little dull in the photos, but the individual grains of sugar sparkle in the light making it really quite pretty – but you’ll have to take my word for that.

I love the flavours too. The banana taste as you’d expect… not quite natural, but still rather nice – although Simon might disagree. And the chilli variety is warm without being hot. Enough to make your mouth tingle, but leave you coming back for more.

At £2.50 each, they’re not cheap, but they’re fun, tasty and unusal. The perfect stocking filler for the Apple fan / chocolate lover in your life this Christmas.


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  1. Simon

    Based on my DeAngelis experience I’d say these look like something I might have to find.

  2. Simon

    Not sure about the banana mind.

  3. Callum

    Theres nothing wrong with the synthetic factory made Banana flavour (ala, Foam bananas :P) but I guess thats debatable.
    They look very swish, I’m wondering how many grams they are as I might have to track some down if they are worth the £2.50 🙂

    Ace reveiw Dom! Thanks

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