Hotel Chocolat Just Desserts H-Box

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Hotel Chocolat Just Desserts H-Box

This is just the kind of thing I love. A light, fruity summer selection box from Hotel Chocolat. This particular “H-Box” (I don’t know why they named a box of chocolates after a prison block) consists of 14 milk, dark and white chocolates in 8 different varieties.

They are:

Banana Crème Caramel
Milk chocolate with vanilla creme blended with red banana & banana crystals.
I’ve never even heard of banana crystals before, but this is really, really nice. Very light and smooth, with a smokey, sweet banana flavour. Yum!

Orange Torte
Ground hazelnut, milk chocolate and orange oil truffle in a dark chocolate shell.
A beautifully soft and smooth truffle with a light texture and orangey flavour.

Eton Mess
Strawberry mousse with meringue in white chocolate, topped with freeze dried strawberries
Very light and refreshing. Luckily, you get three of these in the box, but I still want more!

Hotel Chocolat Just Desserts H-Box

Key Lime Pie
Milk chocolate with praline and cookie base and a white chocolate, lime & macadamia filling.
A large chocolate with a soft, creamy filling with a tiny bit of crunch to it. There’s a hint of fresh lime in there, but I wouldn’t have complained if there had been a little more.

Chocolate Mousse
Whipped milk and white chocolate in a 40% milk chocolate shell
Another smooth and light chocolate, but this one felt like it wanted to be the obligatory coffee cream in the pack. It had the richness and texture of a coffee cream, but the flavour was lacking something.

Hotel Chocolat Just Desserts H-Box

Summer Pudding
A white chocolate ball with raspberry, blueberry and strawberry
A delicious and refreshingly light chocolate, dusted in fruit powder. One of my favourites.

Chocolate Brownie
Milk chocolate with praline & pecan
This is a large square of thick milk chocolate with a firm but smooth filling. But compared to some of the other chocolates in the box, this one is just a little heavy for my liking. Nice enough, but not my favourite.

Mango & Peach Cheesecake
White chocolate with fruity cheesecake & crunchy caramel base, topped with mango & peach pieces.
Another deliciously refreshing chocolate, although the caramel base is perhaps slightly too hard. Tastes just like a real cheesecake – and leaves me wanting a bigger slice of it!

All in all, a really quite delicious assortment. If you’re a fan of light and fruity summer chocolates, then I can highly recommend this. If you’re not a fan, then just buy some and have them sent direct to me. I’ll be waiting…


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  1. Julia

    What a great review! I love Chocablog 🙂

  2. Jean

    Sounds like a perfect box of chocolates!

  3. I hope I am going to actually get to taste a Hotel Chocolate one of these dyas!

  4. I love the chocolate combination!..It’s all in one..No need for me to buy in single pack…

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