Holex Dark Chocolate

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Holex Dark Chocolate

When I tried the Healtheries Atomic Cherry Bar, I said I loved my local Foodland. Here is another reason why. I was wandering around and found “Holex Dark Chocolate”. Now apart from falling into one, I wouldn’t know a Holex if it hit me. But who cares, it’s another Dark Chap to try, and what could be better?

The Holex is made in Germany. I have no idea if its sold there under that name. The taste is very similar to the Schwarze Herren. Whilst it’s only 50% – light really for a dark – there is something in the flavour which is quite appealing. I think it’s the use of quite a lot of vanilla, but I’m not completely sure.

Like so many chocolates, it’s touting something special or healthy – in this case “sweetened with fructose”. OK. Fine. And the importer is “EatRite Australasia”. Hmm. (Again). But I don’t care in this case. They can write what they like, and besides, I’m just being really picky. The Lady of the House is off watching Doctor Who, and I’m eating this Holex chocolate. I think I know who is getting the better deal.

Holex Dark Chocolate

In appearance, there is nothing special – nothing really, good, nothing really bad. This is just a plain value inoffensive medium to dark chocolate. It’s really nice, has a very satisfying “snap” when you break a piece off, and the flavour is quite different from (say) a Lindt 70% or a Cadbury Old Gold (to pick two reference points where it is hard to go wrong).

Actually, I really like this one. I can’t see the pack lasting long. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I need to munch on a couple more rows and then go hide this from the kids.


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  1. I love the photo of the chocolate squares, Ashleigh – very, very ‘delicious magazine’ in my opinion. I’ve never seen that brand before but 50% is just the ticket when you want to eat more than a couple of squares of dark without losing your eyeballs, salivary glands or will to stand up.

    Excuse me while I grab my housekeys, wallet and go in search of some…..

  2. we love your site! 2 chocolate lovers in Miami

  3. I have a confession. I ate half the pack in a single go.

  4. river

    If you eat just another couple of rows you won’t have to hide any at all…it’ll be gone.

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