Hershey’s Premium Dark Chocolate Assortment

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I don’t much like Hershey’s. I’ll try and be fair about them, but I’ll make this no secret. Yet their new products seem like spiders’ webs for me: they look decent enough, then turn out to be nothing special. Still, I guess I should respect the Cacao Reserve line for trying to keep up with the times.

This bag is one of those decent-looking products, although I’m still trying to find out how two almost identical chocolates can be an “assortment.” There are ten individually wrapped squares of each.

To my surprise, the chocolates themselves were also decent-looking. Their smooth faces awakened a little hope of getting out of the web’s tangles. The Dark Chocolate with Cacao Nibs was both too sweet and too bitter, along with that wonderful Hershey’s plastic smoothness. After the chocolate melts (which it does much too quickly), you’re left with crunchy, blueberry tasting nibs. They were the better part of the experience. The Dark Chocolate is much the same, only the lack of nibs makes it sweeter. Yet this isn’t a bad thing as there’s also a chance for more flavor to come out. So I actually enjoyed this one more.

They’re okay chocolates. But I wouldn’t go so far as to call them “premium.” Their pleasantness is more like what you get from eating an ice cream sundae. Nice enough, but it ends there.


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  1. jMo

    Hershey’s is only good for s’mores. I don’t like these chocolates at all, just not worth the calories. Or effort in unwrapping and chewing them.

  2. mariana

    they are great!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oliver

    Yeah I was really surprised when I went to Uruguay and saw a few Hershey’s 60% bars of different content around. They were meh – they werent crappy but they weren’t Lindt. And at a similar price per 100 grams, i’d choose Lindt.

  4. Have you tried Xocai products? It is an amazing new cold pressed healthy chocolate without processed sugars. Check out my site! http://www.starx3.us/

  5. Deanna

    Jo Ann: no, I haven’t tried Xocai yet, but I think I’ve seen it before. I’ll have to give it a try.

  6. I think the Toll House Cookie recipe from Betty Crocker cokboook is better than the ones on the bag of either Nestle’s or Hershey. The cookies have more flour so they spread less and are chewier and softer.Barb

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