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I thought a chocolate blog would have a certain obligation to have a Hershey’s bar. As I bought this one, I realized that it’s been years since I’ve had one. I remember when they used to actually look like chocolate bars, wrapped in foil and paper. Now they’re wrapped in skimpy plastic like any other candy. They used to be thicker, now they’re approaching paper thin.

Even though it was a cool and rainy day, the chocolate was still exceedingly melty, making it nigh impossible to break off a piece. Instead of breaking, I had to tear along the marks as if peeling off a sticker. It also vanished instantly in my mouth, allowing little time to taste its caramel flavor. Despite being melty, it has a rather rough mouthfeel. And leaves grease in your throat, which I absolutely abhor.

So I think you guys already know this, but Hershey’s is a candy bar, not a chocolate bar (it’s blasphemy to call it such.) It barely even tastes like chocolate at all, which is why you eat it when you want a sweet, not a chocolate.


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  1. Shawn

    I know it’s cool to hate on Hershey’s like everyone else, but it’s really not that bad.

  2. Joan

    I have to go out and buy one now… I haven’t had one is years but I want to check it out now!

  3. Sad to say you don’t have any real taste for chocolate after all.I have enjoyed reading your blogs. But for you to think that “Despite being melty, it has a rather rough mouthfeel. And leaves grease in your throat” Are you aware that unlike any chocolate in the world the Hershey bar created by the beloved Milton S Hershey has a one of a kind taste. No. not a grease taste.But a very smooth feel. I would like to know how you stored this CHOCOLATE and how It was stored where you bought it from. I am sure you know to Store chocolate in a cool, dry place in its original wrapping or wrapped in foil. Avoid storing chocolate in the refrigerator. Milk and white chocolates will keep this way for about a year. The darker varieties will keep for several years. I am sure you know that chocolate will melt and I have had my share from all sorts from around the world do just that.
    Do you even know what the difference between a candy bar and a chocolate bar is? If you did then why would you call a piece of chocolate a candy bar? The industry doesn’t see a packaged piece of chocolate as a candy bar since it is not coated like say a twix for an example.

    Are you aware of the great history and the one of a kind chocolate formula that the Great late Milton S Hershey created? Your not just enjoying an American original, or a piece of American history. Your enjoying with every savory taste a one of a kind piece of CHOCOLATE. You can go and taste very similar chocolates all around the world and yet there are none that have that one of a kind great smooth taste like a beautiful Hershey Bar.

    On the packaging I wish they could have kept the foil and the paper. But I ask you how many others have had to switch packaging? I don’t recall you ever pointing that out in your other blogs. If your going to blog about your passion you must leave your bias aside and treat each chocolate bar the same and allow your mind and taste buds to answer the questions for you.
    This Blog was you already having your mind made up. It is clear your taste buds can only handle the “so called” normal industry chocolate. If you are a real chocolate lover and can’t find anything nice to say about An American classic that changed the face of chocolate manufacturing that allowed all income levels a chance to enjoy a sweet smooth tasting chocolate bar. Then you have a very closed mind and very tight taste buds.
    When you taste a Hershey bar you should taste right off the bat that this is a wonderful one of a kind taste that is made far different from the normal chocolate making.

    Make sure when you buy a chocolate bar you question how they stored it, how long it sat there and how you will store it before you eat it. Never go into chocolate tasting or anything for that matter with your mind already made up.
    Think about this and do try a Hershey bar again sometime. After all it is the GREAT AMERICAN CHOCOLATE BAR

  4. Jes

    On my first jaunt overseas many years ago I excitedly bought a bar of the ‘famous’ Hersheys, but have to say I was bitterly disappointed. It tasted to my palet, like chocolate does when it has been left out in the air for sometime, a strange unpleasant taste & lacking in sweetness.

    This wasn’t a one off, chance unlucky bar either, as having spent vast amounts of time Stateside I’ve have the opportunity to sample Hershey products numerous times, be they bars or Kisses or whatever, & each time I have been disappointed at the taste.. or lack of.

    Everyones palet is different so what is not to my personal liking, will clearly be acceptable or delicious to others. Doesn’t mean someone does not have an appreciation or understanding simply because they personally dislike a particular manufacturers product.

    Hersheys must be doing something right to have been in business so long, but to a European used to having vast choice of quality
    chocolate from across the Continent, personally Hershey Bars will remain pretty low down the list of my prefered chocolate.

    Like I said we are all different & have different palets.. so no one is more right or wrong than an other in their views or opinions.

  5. Cocoa: I’d just like to point out a couple things. I’ve never reviewed (yet)any non-Hershey’s bar that was simply wrapped in plastic. So how can you say that I’ve never mentioned that wrapping on other bars? And I am very aware that the Hershey’s bar has a unique flavor. However, how can it be the taste of simply chocolate when no other chocolate has that taste? You say that I can only handle normal chocolate, but I believe “normal” means regular or common. Hershey’s is definately more normal than the Pralus bars I adored.

    Just know that I’m not trying to truly bash on the Hershey’s bar. I respect others who love it, and, yes, it is an American classic.

  6. Rachel

    I’m not usually snobbish with chocolate (give me a dairy milk any day) but when I went to New York I had a bar and I’ve never had a chocolate that tasted so much like vomit. 🙁

  7. @Cocoa

    Hahahahaha. That is all.

  8. Marissa

    Are you seriously going to get that passionate over chocolate?
    Wow. The girl just pointed out some stuff she didn’t like about Hersheys. If you’re seriously going to point out every single thing your opinionated self thinks is wrong with the blog, you really need a new hobby.
    And Deanna, the writing on this blog is fantastic. Kudos to you.

  9. Gale

    I agree with cocoa. If your a true chocolate lover and maybe cocoa does that for a living we don’t know. This is a free world(most of it).Why can’t someone say what they want to? Plus if your really going to attack what is known as the great american chocolate bar you better dam well be ready to be questioned. I don’t think what cocoa said was anything bad.I think she is a true chocolate lover, with I am guessing a very good palate.The way it reads I really think she does that for a living. I agree with you cocoa and don’t see who could not like a hershey bar if they are really into all things chocolate.

  10. Gil

    What is great about the world of chocolate is that there are many tastes and many products. I know outside of America many love what is called the normal chocolate being creamier and smoother then say that of the unique Hershey bar. What I think Cocoa was trying to say is that Milton Hershey fell in love with chocolate making. What he learned from people outside of America. He set out to make a very different and unique milk chocolate. For years when it first came out and maybe even to this day by what some of you think. As told in the emperors of chocolate. European chocolatiers would call it the ugly chocolate. They could not understand how it sold or why people would want it. But then as they studied it they found out it was chocolate, but unlike any chocolate they have ever had. The more they tried it, the more they understood it. Yet no other chocolate maker can make hershey’s chocolate. One of a kind in the chocolate world.

    I love Hershey, but I love all sorts of chocolate from around the world. My first chocolate love will always be that of the very first chocolate I remember. The Hershey Bar, the great American chocolate bar.

    what is wrong with arguing and being passionate about something you love? Nothing, if you love something with great passion it is always wonderful to hear how that person brings there passion out with words and movements.

    Thanks for the blog. Hope you will give Hershey another try sometime in the future. God Bless Milton S Hershey

  11. I agree the Hershey’s bar is one of a kind, only because no other company would stoop so low to create such a foul, cheap bar with some of the worst ingredients ever. No one outside of America likes it because we all know it tastes like vomit, you’re eating vomit, be proud of your bar.

  12. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Wow. Such a heated discussion!

    I would like to point out that all reviews are subjective, personal opinions, and as such people will often have a completely different opinion – and that’s one of the things I love about doing this.

    We try not to be “snobby” about chocolate, but we have to say what we think in a review or there wouldn’t be any point in doing it. So do feel free to say what you think in the comments, but keep it civil.

  13. Kathy

    Oooh, a chocolate-based controversy!

    Maybe my Aussie tastebuds have been overly influenced by Cadbury, but my Hershey tastings have been less than positive – my first Hersheys was a Cookies and Cream… which tasted … weird … Then one Christmas my Mum was given a bunch of miniature Hersheys pieces, (yes, well travelled pieces stored in the fridge, but still,) which i wasn’t impressed with (but ate anyway, there was no other chocolate in the house and I was craving something sweet, *meh* whaddaya gonna do?) i respect the preferences of others, but given the option, Hersheys is not my first choice.

    That being said, *points to Dom’s post* c’mon, this is a reviewing thing, everyone’s different, lets just be nice about it OK?

  14. charles

    The problem is your trying to say cadbury products are to be like Hershey products or the other way around. What you need to do is never compare cadbury or the like to Hershey. The point about Hershey is it is unlike any chocolate in the world. You can go ahead and say that’s because it….. Your missing it. Hershey is made out of very good ingredients and is very different from what your normal taste buds seem to be able to handle. Cadbury is very good, creamy, silky and tastes great. Hershey is smooth, soft,harmonious and tastes great. Unlike Terry I am not an alcoholic so I don’t know what vomit tastes like. But if it tastes like a Hershey then sign me up terry. Or maybe Terry you just don’t have a clue about tasting chocolates as you seem rather biased for one brand by your reviews.You should get out more in the chocolate world. I don’t know about you but Hershey sure sells a lot of chocolate so many people must not think like you terry. Thank god as we don’t need any more alcoholics.

  15. river

    I tried Hershey’s several years ago, found that it was very sweet but didn’t have much actual chocolate flavour. I abandoned it in favour of other varieties.

  16. I’m…I’m an alcoholic? My god, I had no idea.

    Someone hold me…

  17. Leigh

    Ha this is hilarious. There is a whole world of strife out there. You are talking about chocolate. CHOCOLATE. Be nice.

  18. vic

    I have to say I agree with some on here and really with cocoa who I can tell has a passion for chocolate. IT blows my mind that a person who says they have a passion for enjoying chocolate to where they join a team to write about chocolate has no clue what they are doing. How can you write a blog about Hershey’s chocolate that does not take into account that unlike any other chocolate you have tasted Hershey stands alone.Not for some vomit childish remark either. Not because of it’s history but because of how it is made and how it came to be. Milton could have made what the industry calls the stable standard milk chocolate. He wanted something different set out and following his own ideas and then the standards set back then broke new grounds and transformed the industry.

    There is nothing wrong with the stable standard mind you. OMG! Cadbury or UK chocolates, Belgium,Swiss or Sweden and the list can go on forever. There some of the greatest chocolates around. one of my favorites is De Brand in the heartland of the USA, in the east Gertrude hawk, Michel moots and Lin Libby to name a few. On my list is the great American Chocolate Bar.The taste is unlike any of the above.It stands alone and it doesn’t surprise me that most of your palates are not trained and you just go with what is normal to yourself.Your not a true chocolate lover if you can’t find the good in a Hershey Bar and have to lower yourself with a biased mind that sets out to destroy and mock those that do have a passion for all things chocolate.

    Look around this blog and you will see more cadbury the stable standard then any other reviews.Open your mind to the entire world of chocolate and discover what the world has not only in taste, but its vast history and slight changes from each brand. Know what to ask like cocoa said, how was it stored? how long did it sit there? look was it at a counter where the sun hits it at part of the day? Then when you buy it how will you store it? Is that the only mass brand that is packaged in those crappy wrappers? or is that the industry? You have to go in with questions and an open mind. You must go in with a passion for what you are going to be talking about. If your going to blog and rip down an icon that was built on American Know how that changed the face of chocolate.You might want to have a clue on what you are doing and what you are saying. Your lack of taste shows you should stay with brands you know.You can not allow your mind to be open and your biased showed you are just a chocolate fool not a chocolate lover with passion.

    Once you figure that out you will be able to share your true love for the greatest thing on this planet. The wonderful world of the delectable cocoa bean and all the vast wonders that this treat has to offer all of us.

  19. lottie

    everyone needs to untwist their knickers. This is so bizarre, why just because you don’t like a certain brand of chocolate you “cannot call yourself a chocolate lover”?! How pompous. I actually like hershey’s cookies n chocolate-there I said it! We are all being silly geese.

  20. cocoa

    Bless you Vic someone gets it. For the love of Pete listen to Vic. I don’t care if you think I’m mean or hate what I had to say. You said ” I’ve never reviewed (yet)any non-Hershey’s bar that was simply wrapped in plastic” Well You really haven’t had many then have you? I have had your beloved Cadbury and it was wrapped in what you call Plastic.It in fact is cellophane and did you know that Whitman’s candy company initiated use of cellophane for candy wrapping in the United States in 1912 upon visiting a chocolate operation in the UK that was using it already.

    Funny as since Hershey is born here in the USA did you know that most use Cellophane type packaging. Did you know when I was in Devon in the UK I bought a delightful Cadbury and it was wrapped in Cellophane.Same as the one I bought right down the road the other day.Strange you never reviewed what seems to be all around this industry.

    Maybe you should start looking at what your reviewing Dear. Did you really say” how can it be the taste of simply chocolate when no other chocolate has that taste?” Did you really not understand what were talking about? And this gives you the right to Trash the Great American Chocolate Bar.A country where you came from by your Bio. Do you not understand what is meant by Hershey being different from other chocolate? It is still chocolate dear, just unlike any other chocolate. Is that too hard for your mind to grasp? Do you think all chocolate therefore should all taste the same, be made the same and be packaged the same? Does your mind not understand the suddle nuance of chocolate making? You then said ” You say that I can only handle normal chocolate, but I believe “normal” means regular or common. Hershey’s is definitely more normal than the Pralus bars I adored” Are you kidding me? Your going to compare a Pralus bar which has a common thread tying there bars together. Thus is a dark tone and to some extent, woody notes, especially cedar, How on earth do you compare this to milk chocolate first of all. Second How do you compare this to a milk chocolate that is made for the masses and is sold in just about every store in the USA? I could have understood you trying to say that the dairy milk or a cadbury with milk, nestle milk were more delightful to your palate then the milk chocolate of a Hershey’s. Your saying an apple is better then an orange when were talking orange dear. In the dark chocolate world Pralus is rather normal even though they are very delightful with many notes to them. But Then the dark chocolate world has those notes more so then milk and of course way more then a massed produced milk bar.

    Why do you believe that regular is normal or common? I think with thinking like that you close your mind off to something that is similar but yet not the so called normal. Hershey is a Normal massed produced chocolate bar, like cadbury, nestle and so on. But yet in the Normalcy Hershey stands alone for making something different within that world of milk chocolate. Just because your palate can’t handle the unique milky smooth taste of a Hershey’s Bar there is no reason to lay into it since you can’t understand what chocolate truly has to offer.

    It’s not Pompous, it’s passion for art and skill into this wonderful world of chocolate. No one is saying if you don’t like one brand your not a chocolate lover. I know there are some I favor more then others. But what I am saying is if your goiing to write about something you better dam well do your homework. If you don’t people like me will call you out on it for the so called chocolate lover you claim to be. You can not just attack a chocolate icon that changed the face of chocolate with a biased mind.Before you say Pompous, think passion before you get your knickers in a bunch.

    Comparing a Pralus bar to a Hershey bar, that’s rich. Thanks for the laugh.

  21. Cocoa: If you’ll notice, I’m still new to this website, so the reviews I have here are not all that I have tasted and reviewed personally. And, being American, Cadbury isn’t “mine,” so you have no need to bring it into the conversation.

    When you say that I trashed the Great American Chocolate Bar, just remember that I stayed brief in my review. I didn’t use quite so many words as you use in abusing me. I don’t mean to compare Pralus and Hershey’s; I was merely illustrating a point by mentioning both of them.

    And thank you for the wonderful laugh in some of your misspellings. But, I’ll admit, it can be hard to type correctly when you are too passionate and excited about something. One must then take ample time to calmly write things out.

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