Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Creme

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Hershey’s isn’t something you come across every day here in the UK, so I thought I’d give this a try.

Billed as ‘Chocolate cookie bits in white chocolate’, it sounded just what I needed on a Friday evening.

The bar is quite small and thin, with rather a lot of cookie bits in it. The chocolate is very sweet, but nice enough. My main problem is with the cookie bits. They’re quite dry and don’t have a lot of flavour. Because there’s so many of them, the whole bar is a little dry.

If I was going wanted white chocolate, I’d rather have a Milky Bar.. and if I wanted chocolate with bits in – well, you really can’t beat Cadbury’s assortment of Dairy Milk offerings.

Having said that, it’s nice for a change. I ate it all. But I don’t think I’ll be buying this one again for a while.


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  1. EggMasta

    I think you are wrong! I love the Cookies ‘N Cream bar, maybe you just got a stale bar or something. I wouldn’t give up on it completely!

  2. romina

    e eskisit esa wea ahora mismo estoy komiendolo y es exitante baba !!

  3. miranda

    Cookies ‘N Cream are pretty bomb!!!

  4. Kharma

    yo yo yo this is mad good a** candy man, good to eat when you mad tired, and melted it looks like ya know, lol, but all in all it is really sweet and will satisfy your cravings.

  5. Kadi Fox

    Hershey’s White Choc Cookies n Cream is imense, its so yummy its quite rich but me n my brother love it.
    Don’t is good Chocolate

    Hershey’s is Awsome

  6. N3@n!a

    Hershey’s White Chocolate Cookies n Cream bar is my favorite candy of all time…..I can eat it everyday….

  7. Hershey’s be off the chain, on fire, straight beastin bo!!!!!!!

  8. Jay

    its the best one ever man!!! we dont get it here where I live, so I get it imported every now and then when I run outta my stock 🙂

  9. Talha Ghannam

    Yep! this chocolate is amazing! just finished my last cookies n creme hersheys egg and wondering where I can get more from in the UK!

  10. shaz

    I disagree when we went to America recently my girls and I couldn’t get enough of this chocolate and now that we are back home I’m craving this chocolate big time. Next time we go to America I have to bring back a large box.

  11. yummmmmmmmmmm even bettr

  12. vero

    omg me en canta este chocolate

  13. lesley

    i love this bar and buy it whenever i go in krispy kreme doughnuts and get a cookies and kreme doughnut with it, anyway back to the bar, i love the chocolate in it

  14. Elena

    I’m a chocolate purist, i.e. only dark chocolate, 65-70%, pure. Absolutely no milky bars, hyper-fat products, things like that… but this one from Hershey’s good!!! I like the cookie chips inside, a lot… It’s like junk food as opposed to ‘proper’ food, but I like this chocolate!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂

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