Hershey’s Cacao Reserve Single Origin

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The first thing that didn’t seem right about this set was that, although it has three chocolates from different origins, they’re all different percentages cacao. Wouldn’t it make more sense to have them all the same so that you can taste the slight differences the beans cause?

The second thing was that the first ingredient is sugar.

The 37% from Java didn’t encourage me much. It has a pleasant vanilla taste, but is such a sweet and sticky mess. The 50% Arriba was more promising. It definately has a middle-tone darkness, then gets, just as the bag describes, a “floral” taste. That was a little shocking at first, but soon became gentle and nice.

The thrid chocolate, a 70% from Sao Tome, started off bitter before slowing down with a light, far off sweetness to keep it tame. I enjoyed it, although it was a bit plasticy.

I’m impressed. These chocolates actually had some flavor besides sugar. And good flavors, at that. Still not my favorite, but if you find yourself in front of a selection of Hershey’s, these might be one of the better choices.


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  1. Simon

    We’ve had fun dissecting Hershey’s sugar based products here before, and I seem to recall that it was the ridiculously high sugar content that was the problem before. Compared with your previous reviews, I’d say it was a pretty safe bet that you won’t be rushing out for more Hershey’s either!

  2. Deanna

    Yes, I really don’t consider Hershey’s “chocolate” most of the time. It’s candy. I’ll have to get a Hershey’s bar up here soon, though, just so I can explain why I don’t like it.

  3. bill

    Actually, the Arriba is the best chocolate bar I’ve ever had! I prefer dark chocolate, and despise the really sweet “candy bars” ordinarily, but the Arriba is amazing, with a different taste from any I’ve had before.

    And like anything else that proves itself to be “the best I’ve ever had”, Hersheys has now made this particular type of chocolate bar impossible to find.

    Why get me hooked on this stuff only to discontinue it?

    Thanks a lot, Hersheys.

  4. silvermage2000

    I do agree I think these are fairly decent that and the hershey bliss and kisses. I was wondering do you have any openings open to be a reviewer or part of the blog reviewer team please let me know?

  5. openbook

    I AM SO MAD RIGHT NOW. I need my CACAO RESERVE and i cannot find it anywhere. that was the best chocolate i every had and now it’s gone. i feel like a 5 year old when they don’t get what they want. SOOOOO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

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