Hershey’s Bliss

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Hershey's Bliss

I was planning on getting some Hershey’s Kisses to talk about the impact of their shape on the taste, but then I realized I’d never tried the fairly new Bliss range, so here it is instead.

I really like the coloring of these 36-piece bags, though the design is only so-so. Turn the bags over and you’ll find the words “chocolate for those who appreciate the everyday joys of chocolate.” Well, I’m all for eating chocolate everyday, but this could be worded a little better. It sounds more like it’s calling this everyday chocolate, not worth more than that.

To start with the size, I think the pieces should be just a little bit smaller. For melting purposes, the size combined with the square shape is too big to fit comfortably in your mouth, without really lending itself to eating in two parts. But that’s a minor complaint.

Hershey's Bliss

Back to shape. This is the same milk chocolate as the bar form, but it’s amazing how different the solid shape makes it, just like in Hershey’s Kisses. Yes, many of my complaints still apply, but the overall effect is much better. The caramel and light chocolate flavors have a greater place in your attention with the slower melting from the increased thickness.

The Dark Chocolate turns to a thick smooth liquid like Dove (Galaxy) chocolates, which, though some like, I still find a little weird. It tastes pretty black in its darkness isntead of having cool flavors working in, but I’ll admit that it isn’t as frighteningly sweet as some alternatives.

My point: the thing that makes these better than the bars is their shape. So if you like those, you’ll definately want to try these out. If you’re pretty indifferent to them, you’ll probably, like me, find these mildly enjoyable in their own way. It’s still the same stuff, though, so if you hate the bars, just don’t bother.


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  1. azra

    i’ve tasted them just once and it took my breathe away! never had anything like it that looks so hard outside and yet melts like butter in your mouth.

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