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Romania is not the first country that jumps to mind when thinking about the great chocolate-producing nations in the world. But that’s where Heidi hail from, and so it is with a certain amount of trepidation that I approach my very first Romanian bar of chocolate.

Part of that was down to the helpful description provided by Heidi on the back of the packaging: “Heidi Dark Extreme is about walking that extra mile when everyone else has abandoned the race. It’s about the fire that keeps you going.” Crumbs.

I needn’t have been too concerned though because while this allegedly Dark Extreme bar isn’t quite as monumental as the box suggests, it is more interesting than I was expecting. First of all, it manages to avoid the harshness that can come with the higher percentage bars – it’s 85% cocoa solids, but it tastes much milder because of the healthy amount of vanilla which has been added probably for that precise reason. It also has an unusual cool sensation on your tongue which is strangely reminiscent of those cheap Icy Square candies – I have absolutely no idea where it comes from, but it kept me coming back to for more.

I still don’t know if I’d recommend it though because it is just the strangeness of Heidi Grand’Or Dark Extreme that makes it stand out rather than it being a satisfying bar of chocolate. It is enough to make me want to search out some more Heidi bars, if only to see what other peculiarities they might harbour.


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  1. You really saved my skin with this inomrfation. Thanks!

  2. Eli

    One of my favorites!

  3. Hi
    I first tried Hiedi Chocolate on a business trip to Bucharest in 2010, and have looked high and low for it in the UK, but struggled to find it anywhere.

    I recently found their full range on Amazon http://amzn.to/J9Y3NK and have ordered some in time for Christmas.


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