Healtheries Nougat Roll

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Healtheries Nougat Roll

After my previous Healtheries Atomic Cherry experience, I approached this one with some trepidation.

The Healtheries Simple Nougat Roll, with its friendly pictures of coconut and apricot, looks appealing. I decided to ignore the “Fact File”. Debunking “health” claims is getting boring.

Opening the pack reveals a square log-looking thing, chocolaty with coconut. A pleasant whiff of coconut means we’re off to a good start. That’s when things started to go downhill. I forgot what a nougat is.

Breaking the thing into two to photograph was best described as a challenge – one which resulting in bits of nougat, chocolate, and coconut being spread over me and the kitchen bench. Note to self: Must take out of refrigerator for longer next time. At least the insides don’t seem to show evidence of the dreaded atomic red artificial colouring.

Healtheries Nougat Roll

Inside, is, well, white. With a few bits of apricot here and there. The chocolate layer is very, very thin. Dissection has its uses, because we can see just how little chocolate is actually used. Taste time.

This is… well… nothingy. The chocolate is not very chocolaty. The nougat is not very apricoty. About the only thing that stands out is the coconut. Oh, and it’s fairly sweet. Checking the pack shows that the chocolate is compounded. Oh dear.

Really, the whole thing is fairly inoffensive. There is nothing horrible or disgusting about it, but nor is there anything to make the eyes light up, and have you saying “wow!”. It’s easy enough to eat, but just boring.


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  1. Maybe that’s why it’s called ‘Healtheries’ – ‘cos they’ve hardly put any chocolate on it? 🙁

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