Haute Choklet Caramel Fortune Cookie

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Haute Choklet Caramel/Chocolate Fortune Cookie

Laurie Moroco’s company, Haute Choklet, started in the home for eight years before it was made into an official company a year ago. “Haute” meaning “high” for “fashionably elegant or high-class”. And while it still has a homemade feel, the company does go for some casually classy standards.

Chocolate-covered pretzels are their biggest item, but they also throw in some other things, like fortune cookies. The merry packaging of the one Laurie sent me is pretty standard, as they’re designed with occasions in mind. Birthdays, baby showers, etc. In this particular case, I do love all the pink frills against the simple silver Chinese take-out box. Nestled inside on pink paper shreds was a caramel-coated, chocolate-dipped fortune cookie, protected in its own wrappings. You do get that birthday-sense undoing so many curled ribbons.

Haute Choklet Caramel/Chocolate Fortune Cookie

The regular-sized cookie is tempting with a very thick coating of caramel, chocolate, chocolate chips, and sprinkles. It doesn’t just look like lots of chocolate, either; it’s a very dominant part of the taste. There’s just the right bit of caramel to set off the crunch of the lightly sweet cookie. My fortune was “success is at your fingertips – open your eyes.” Maybe if they added something about chocolate in there, too… “chocolate is at your fingertips”… or maybe not.

It seems like the fortune cookies usually come in pairs, which makes sense: one isn’t quite enough. Given the prices, you’ll want to keep them for their intended purpose as party favors or gifts instead of just getting them as sweets for yourself. But they suit that purpose well enough.


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