Harry’s Rocky Road Turkish Delight

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Harry's Turkish Delight Rocky Road

I’m a relatively new fan of Rocky Road because the stuff I had in childhood usually consisted of crappy compounded chocolate, stale biscuits and rubber-hard raspberry jellies that made eating it about as much fun as feasting on bitumen. It has only been in my adult years as more quality stuff has been made available that Rocky Road became a sought-after favourite. Turkish delight on the other hand has always been a favourite (especially when traditionally made by Greek delicatessens) so when Harry from Harry’s Rocky Road sent me a hefty chunk in the mail I was keen to try it. Morning tea time saw me with a fridge-fresh iced coffee drink and this inviting packet of Harry’s Turkish Delight Rocky Road.

Generously encased in milk chocolate, the jellied Turkish delight pieces are accompanied by rice crispies, raspberry marshmallows and lines of pale pink/white chocolate. No ingredients are listed on the pack and for once I decided not to investigate further because I was hungry, eager and greedy. Also, there are times in a Chocablog Reviewer’s life when knowing the fat and sugar content isn’t going to be helpful, especially on a Monday.

Harry's Turkish Delight Rocky Road

The sweet vanilla berry scent of marshmallows was the first aroma to waft up after the plastic was sliced open and it was nice to see that the Rocky Road was already divided into eight generous chunks. So yes, I took three. After all, it’s my favourite number and I’ve been known to eat three Mars Bars for the sake of Chocablog.

Whew, these little rectangles may have pink as their colour scheme, but don’t let that fool you as they pack a sugar punch bigger than anything Mr. T can shoot from a tank. The milk chocolate is particularly sweet and melts almost immediately, leaving the chewy mallow to lend its softer side amongst the distinctly-flavoured Turkish delight chunks and still-crispy rice bubbles.

This is Rocky Road at its finest but it should come with some warnings or consumer advice:

  1. Only eat one piece at a time (I could manage two but had to put the third one back in case my head exploded).
  2. Always have a drink nearby to ease your zinging taste buds
  3. Eat only in the mornings or early afternoons if you’re a night shift worker.
  4. Leave all your pesky chores such as hoovering, hand-washing and car cleaning until afterwards and, trust me, you’ll certainly have the energy for it.

I wonder if their other flavours – caramel, cherry, mint, orange, vanilla, cookies & cream or coffee have the same hyper effect?


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  1. Lara

    Oh my word, that looks DELICIOUS! They don’t deliver to the UK :'(

  2. Carmen

    Oh it looks amazing! Drooool!

  3. Maggie

    OMG, this one looks positively tacky. Wouldn’t mind trying it, no matter how sweet and sticky it is.

  4. Christine

    OMG! I shouldn’t have clicked the link… I want to try them all!

  5. river

    Is this available in Adelaide? I love Rocky Road. I knew a woman years ago who used to make her own, but I’ve lost touch with her.

  6. River, they have a good website, but you can also contact Ben at Harry’s on: mail@harrysrockyroad.com.au as they specialise in orders and deliveries.

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