Gorenjka Crunchy Caramel

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I had hoped to visit a chocolate shop while I was in Slovenia but the May Day bank holidays put paid to that idea as most of Ljubljana was closed on the day we were there. I had to settle for one of a range of bars on offer at a less specialized shop, and so I plumped for this milk chocolate and crunchy caramel combination.

The chocolate is made with 30% milk solids and is fairly sweet in itself. It also has a slightly musty background taste to it – poor storage or shipping conditions perhaps?

Tiny fragments of caramel are scattered liberally through the bar and have lent their flavour to the chocolate, as well as providing a more direct flavour when you’re finishing off the last few that haven’t disappeared with the chocolate. The caramel has a good, strong burnt sugar flavour to it.

All in all, a fairly pleasant if unremarkable bar. Having said that, I’m not sure I can think of a UK equivalent caramel chips and chocolate bar. This seemed to be a fairly generic Slovenian choc bar, so I’m guessing that like the majority of Europe they’re used to a wider selection of more adventurously flavoured confectionery.

Obviously it’s not worth going all the way to Slovenia to try this, but if you happen to find yourself in that vicinity at least you know that there’s reasonable chocolate to be had.


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  1. I’d be more than happy to send you some more upscale/chocolate shop stuff from Slovenia if you’d like. Just email me. 🙂

  2. Should you ever go there again, look for “ledene kocke” in the boxed chocolate section. I assume they’re still made. The translation is ‘ice cubes’ and they’re dark chocolates filled with mint fondue. Mmmmmmm.

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