Golden Tree Kingsbite

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Golden Tree Kingsbite

Over the years, we’ve reviewed many bars made from beans of Ghanaian origin, but we’ve never actually reviewed a bar from Ghana. So when a Ghanaian friend recently went home for a holiday, I made sure he bought back some of the local chocolates.

Golden Tree is the brand name of the Cocoa Processing Company Limited – a mostly state owned company with a mission to process some of Ghana’s cacao locally rather than exporting it all to foreign chocolate manufacturers. That has to be a good thing.

This particular bar is a 35% milk chocolate with 15% milk solids.

Golden Tree Kingsbite

As you can see, the chocolate itself looks a little dull, with small holes in the corners where the chocolate hasn’t reached the edge of the mold. There’s no real shine to it and I don’t think that’s just down to the long journey from Accra.

On the other hand, it may not look great but it does have a rather nice aroma which hits you and fills the room the moment you open the wrapper.

But that dullness is more than just cosmetic. The chocolate has a dry, grainy texture and it just doesn’t melt in the mouth like it should. My Ghanaian friend insists this is by design and that local chocolate is designed not to melt in the heat, but I’m not so sure. I think it’s more likely that there’s something not quite right with their conching process.

The actual flavours of the bar are quite interesting though. It’s sweet, but the cocoa flavour itself is strong, and actually very nice. More interestingly, there’s a very noticeable coffee note going on that I haven’t tasted in other milk chocolates. The cynic in me thinks that that may have something to do with the fact that they make a coffee flavoured milk chocolate bar at the same factory, and it’s not actually meant to taste that way.

Overall, I think it’s great that Ghana is producing chocolate from its own crop, but this has a long way to go before it’s going to be up to the standards that we expect from a good quality milk chocolate here in Europe. I have some more Golden Tree chocolates to review and I’m really hoping for a little more from those. We shall see.


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  1. justice adjei

    good day!
    i’d like to know about your price listing for bulk purchasing of golden tree cholate product.

  2. Natasha

    Your friend is right about the design!

    Golden tree chocolate has a very different texture in Ghana. I came across you blog when I was looking for an explanation as to why golden tree gets so hard when it “crosses the ocean”. That must be why, because in Ghana its not quite as grainy and not as hard.

    Also being from Ghana I have been eating golden tree for a while. The milk chocolate has always tasted that way, even before they started producing the coffee flavoured bar

  3. Sofie

    Hi. I was searching online to find where I can purchase some Golden Tree chocolates and came across your blog. I was wondering if you could get me the dimensions of the wrapper for the chocolate. i know this is a bit off but I’m trying to customize some for my engagement and I’ll need to make new wrappers for that. I will be very grateful if you can be of help. GOod job with the blog though.

  4. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Sofie: What an odd request!

    I can tell you though, that a Golden Tree Kingsbite bar is 9.5cm x 5.8cm x 0.9cm and the fully unfolded wrapper is 15.5cm x 14.5cm. 🙂

  5. Sofie

    I’m sorry Dom, I realize it’s really VERY ODD myself. But now having fully read the blog (sorry I didn’t before sending my first request) I’m wondering if it was a good idea to give a full box to someone I barely knew as a gift when I came to the States. I probably should have tasted it first but I really didn’t think having it cross the ocean would make a difference.
    I haven’t yet eaten any Golden Tree chocolate since I came here and I will definitely try it. I’ll remember to bring some over on my way back and see what you are talking about.
    Granted, Ghana has a long way to go with the finishing of a lot of its products so I can agree that it may take a while to reach the international standards in finishing but seriously, the chocolate doesn’t taste grainy in Ghana. It’s just as smooth but doesn’t quickly melt like most chocolates here in the west do. I would like to think it’s made for the weather too because people sell it in stalls in the open sun all year round! I’ll let you know how my experiment goes.

    And THANKS for the dimensions. 🙂

  6. Yaa

    Cocoa Processing wasn’t established in 2004. Please check your facts!! Thanks

  7. Yaa

    (as in Cocoa Processing Company Limited Ghana).

  8. i am from ghana and live here in the state.i was very happy to come across you blog,but you had something wrong, the company is been there for a very long time and not 2004.make sure to know the truth before writting your so called articles.

  9. Yaa

    Thanks Sena for reiterating that again.

    Also Dom quoting you, “Overall, I think it’s great that Ghana is producing chocolate from its own crop, but this has a long way to go before it’s going to be up to the standards that we expect from a good quality milk chocolate here in Europe” EUROPEAN standards may not NECESSARILY be the standard of the world. Just cos Europeans love their milk chocolate to melt in their mouth doesn’t necessarily mean that should be the standard for milk chocolate. Just like when u visit the world of Coca Cola in Atlanta they have various taste of Coke from around the world, we should maintain that uniqueness in the way people produce their products. Its a cultural and demographic thing, you either love it that way or you don’t, but that has nothing to do with standards.

  10. Liz

    Definately Cocoa Processing has been making Golden Tree since before 2004 so you need to check that.
    And am also very surprised actually I think you are the first person I have heard who has criticised the quality of Golden Tree
    We all know the packaging and branding is not all that but chocolate connoisseurs have always raved about the texture and taste of Golden Tree…
    anyways please do check facts like dates before getting wrong info on the www Thanks

  11. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Ok, have removed the date. My review of the bar itself still stands. But remember, like every other review on this site, it’s subjective.

  12. ML

    I spent 1 month in Ghana last year. I was SOOOoooo happy to have found chocolate one day. Unfortunately, I share the same criticisms as the original reviewer. The chocolate is grainy, does not melt in your mouth, and while sweet, is lacking in depth. I actually didn`t mind the taste so much as the texture, and I ended up giving the rest of that bar away.

    I had reasoned that they must have made it that way, so that it didn`t melt in the heat. Because it absolutely did not melt. Yet, some chocolate covered cookies I had found (from Britain I believe), did melt and well…ended up throwing those away!

    • rajah fortune b

      Point of correction there is no better chocolate in the world like Golden tree chocolate .
      I have been around the world and taste lot of chocolate stuff…all the rest are full of chemicals and sugary content less in what you are expecting to get from i think you need to re check other confectioneries very well before u compare them to golden tree chocolate

  13. Yaa

    ML I think when reviewing products from various regions, its only right and politically correct to avoid using words like “lacking”… Maybe golden tree is purposely made to taste the way it does -“lacking in depth”.- for instance i lived in the states and england a combination of 10 years before moving back to Ghana and I find that children there are trained differently academically from children here, but dare I say children in so and so are “in lack of intellect and common sense”. All I’m saying is if u want to write a blog reviewing products, no matter how free space blogs are, you still need to maintain a level of decorum. I’ve followed this blog for a long time and I know its a good place for chocolate lovers

  14. ML

    I fail to see why a word such as “lacking” is offensive when refering to a subjective experience of a flavour of a food product.

    I do, however, find it alarming and frankly offensive that you would attempt to make a comparison between the intellect of children and the qualities of chocolate.

    You don`t have to agree with my opinion of how this chocolate tasted to me. You may well think its flavour is full of depth. But my opinion is that it is lacking depth.

  15. Vincent Wadee

    Soon you will be able to buy Golden tree product online. I will tell you the Address soon am still working on.

    • Doddy setyadi

      Hi .. Do u have the link already ? I really miss this nice chocolate bars .. I was in ghana once for business trip .. And since then im missing the taste of kingsbite ..;) let me know please ..

  16. Ryan

    I am from the USA but lived in Ghana for a couple of years. I loved the Golden tree chocolate. Every once in awhile I would come across a bar that seemed dried out and grainy but for the most part it was wonderful. It is true that it does not melt unless it gets very hot, but without that trait chocolate there would not be very pleasant. I would love to know where to buy some online.

  17. Im ready to try some now. Golden tree chocolate is the best.

  18. Kofi Atiase

    You got to be kidding me. Golden Tree Chocolate is the best in the world and has won international awards, so you don’t know what you are saying. Golden Tree is not the crude product you portray it to be. Review the product with an open mind and you will give the proper review that is due.

  19. Kofi Atiase

    Golden Tree Chocolates are made with pure chocolate and as such have a higher melting point. That is also why the bars are hard. Unless the bar is some what softened when exposed to hot weather, when bitten, it will break into tiny bits as opposed to melting into a smooth paste. If one really wants it to melt in the mouth, it could be placed in very hot water for it to soften up then you will get to know how smooth it is and is not a crude product after all.

  20. adjoa

    i beg to differ. the Cocoa Processing company in Ghana is under maintenance. there has been no new chocolate made in over 9months. i doubt that what you had was new stock. might have been one that was produced long ago.
    no wonder, it had no shine and it was dry. try a freshly made one when the machines are back at work, and then you can make a judgement.

  21. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    This was posted in April 2009, Adjoa. And the bar was “fresh”.

  22. lily.

    actually i do agree that the appearance of the chocolate leaves much to be desired & the taste is very different from what you might be used to in europe, but it’s made the way we like it here in Ghana. we have a wide array of imported chocolates here, but every one loves the taste of golden tree best. we love the grainy feel as well as the yummy milk chocolate that is truely uniquely Ghanaian.& it does melt wen it’s in ur mouth! it’s perfect! not sticky like the imported chocolates. I always miss golden tree chocolates when i travel because i feel all other chocolates excepting one (not sure if i can promote that chocolate here) lack the awesome taste golden tree has. it definitely must have something to do with the kind of chocolate you’re used to. but if you had reviewed it with an open mind without judging based on looks alone. you would have totally loved it! 🙂

  23. naa.

    oh, & u might not be used to pure cocao with no substitutes. golden tree is made out of 100% premium cocoa !! it is wonderful!!

  24. Alston Osekre

    I love it…But please don’t go off again…
    how do I get you to sponsor our dance and entertainment programs?

  25. Errol N

    I have been visiting Ghana for the past 2 years and will definately taking some Golden Tree products home to South Africa. Looks don’t matter one bit – its the taste that counts and above all its a Proudly African product. Well Done CPC for this product as well as all the other products you manufacture

  26. Jakoto

    Golden Tree used to have a ‘smoother’ texture and melt-in-your mouth softness and won awards – the taste is really distinctive & great. But it used to melt too easily. Ghana is a few degrees from the Equator so i believe they increased the cocoa butter content to keep it from melting on the way out the DOORs. We sell it on the streets in Ghana and it doesn’t melt, so it’s by design. They at one time had an ‘export’ version but i’ve not seen that for a long time. Perhaps that was the softer bar.

  27. douglas

    i really love your chocolates, am from Lagos, Nigeria. How can i get the price for bulk purchase.

  28. joe

    It is significant to establish that the chocolate has been made to withstand the hot weather in Africa and that is the reason for it not melting immediately in your mouth immediately. If the target audience was for those in Europe, obviously, that would have been taken into cognisance.
    What is more, you are entitled to your opinion but I beg to differ that the standards are far from what we enjoy in Europe , Asia etc . If the cosmetic effect is appealing but the percentage of cocoa used is gradually diminishing , then it is pathetic. We might as well call it by a different name instead of ‘CHOCOLATE BAR’

    In doing such analysis, it is imperative that you look at the factors that where c0nsidered in producing the chocolate but not to jump into conclusions. Please do a bit of research before you make such comments. It will put information in the right perspective.

    NOTWITHSTANDING, I couldn’t agree with you more that the tast is superior to other chocolate.

  29. Isaac Wiafe

    Dorm, I have a problem when people think we Africans should do things to suite Europeans. For your information, Golden tree chocolate is the purest cocoa chocolate on Earth. It was designed for Ghanaians and not Europeans. So why talk about the European standards? We prefer the pure cocoa than the sugary taste of chocolate in the European market. We will appreciate it if people accept what we have as Africans and our ability to produce food with less artificial, like it is done in Europe.

    • bemanu rajah fortune

      you know my man the cant continue to buy cocoa with that high price to produce Good chocolate for their people so the best way for them to do is to give their people sugary chocolate later when their sick the go back to see their own dr for treatment,you can see how their kids those that eat lot of those sugary chocolate how their teeth look like how many of our kids eat ghana chcocolate and you see our kids teeth in that state before only food for taught for you so dont take it serious on what ever they say

  30. Kofi Ben

    LMFAO. this is not an indictment of ghanaian chocolate. just chill. its a blog aimed at european audience. my fellow ghanaians if you feel so offended start your own blog and you can describe kingsbite as whatever you want.

  31. Yaalisa

    I LOVE, kingsbite chocolate. It is the best chocolate I’ve ever tasted, my kids love it as well.

  32. ashanti

    I live in Canada and I would love to try Ghanaian Golden Tree I was told by Ghanaians themselves that Ghana chocolate does taste differently, so they didn’t bring it to me from Ghana.
    On the other hand, Ghanaians are complaining that their product is not accepted in Europe, there is kind of blockage. Sorry for may English. So, why then Ghana chocolate company will not produce a product suitable to the taste of Europeans? I like organic stuff, so i would even sell it myself here in Canada.
    Here on the blog the opinion if the Ghanaian people is: this is how it is-take it or leave it. Which is wrong in the business-like world. OK, make one for Ghanaians and make one to Europeans. So everybody will be happy.

    • bemanu rajah fortune

      for export of this product the company have special orders for outside countries which is made to suit their weather ,but when some one send you the one that is made to suit African weather dont complain about it hardness
      i can supply you if u want cos i have afriend in usa that i supply to every month and she is doing well.
      I am creating my own site for selling that soon it will be up
      but if u want me to supply you send me mail and let talk
      Best regards

    • bemanu rajah fortune

      a shanti i can get some of the chocolate for u to try
      cantact me if u really need it and i will place u on my next delivery list
      best regards

  33. Amyre Loomis

    I just came back from Ghana and this chocolate is pure and delicious, with only 5 ingredients or so; and the natural flavor and texture of Golden Tree products are extraordinary. Each bar is stamped with the date is was made and good until; and every bar I’ve eaten has been made within a couple of weeks of purchase. I adore the lemon flavor too. I much prefer this natural product to some of the waxy, shiny European chocolates. It’s a first class, one of a kind, simple, yummy experience! (Also, I visited a coco bean farm in Ghana, which was a lush and organic experience.)

    • bemanu rajah fortune

      they have seven types that are sold out and all are purely made from cocoa and the have sugar free one for diabetes ,even the rest have less sugar in them
      very rich product taste good..i have been in Asia, Europe and try chocolates there but Ghana one comes out on top base on how rich in nutrient it is Thank God you really prefer natural product.good for your health and a such in place on vals day in Ghana we celebrate chocolate day

  34. Bill

    To Dom:
    No offense, but I think the next time you taste a food or for most part another Ghanaina Chocolate, makke sure you’ve not eaten any European food with additives and that your mouth is clean of any European Chocolate. In addition, do not taste it alone, try to have two (2) or three (3) volunteers to help you with the tasting process. It will go a long way to help you come up with a more objective conclusion than a subjective one. I hope the comments here on this blog serve as a lesson for your endeavors in food tasting and critique. Thanks.

  35. Bill

    To Dom:
    No offense, but I think the next time you taste a food or for most part another Ghanaian Chocolate, make sure you’ve not eaten any European food with additives and that your mouth is clean of any European Chocolate. In addition, do not taste it alone, try to have two (2) or three (3) volunteers to help you with the tasting process. It will go a long way to help you come up with a more objective conclusion than a subjective one. I hope the comments here on this blog serve as a lesson for your endeavors in food tasting and critique. Thanks.

  36. Donald Mawuli Agbenya

    i need your email address or contact so that i can introduce a business to you from my location.donald99@hotmail

  37. Philbert

    Yes, it is necessary to pay attention to the dates stamped on the wrapper. I get to Ghana from time to time and have purchased Kingsbite chocolate bars whenever I can.

    I began realizing there was a difference in texture and hardness in the chocolate after I had purchased them a few times. Once I realized this, I began to check the dates on the wrappers.

    Had some today that was only one month old, and it was wonderful and easy to bite. Before I was aware of the date stamp, I had some that was so hard it was difficult to break. Turned out those had dates that had just expired….

    The bottom line for me is that I’ll choose Kingsbite over other chocolate bars. Wonderful flavor! Thank you, Ghana, for such a wonderful product! I’ll be taking a box of them home to share with friends and family.

  38. brian

    My friend has just brought some back for the office and i found this looking up the chocolate, I did not like the chocolate but others in the office did and its great because all should be different and experiment with other cultures food

  39. Elyazid

    Please can any one tell me is the: Lecithin (An emulsifier) in the kingsbite milk chocolate is from Animal Fat or Plant Fat.
    If you have any confirmation about the original of the Lecithin because I need this confirmation.
    Thanks a lot

  40. Golden Tree Chocolate is the best chocolate i have tasted. It has a great taste with griveing smell. Anytime i travel to Ghana that is d first thing i get my hands on. One thing i love abt it is, it doesn’t easily melt compare to the European chocolate which even get melted b4 it get to your tongue. so i don’t even go for it Cos i hate it. My best chocolate so far in the World is Kingsbite Chocolate from Ghana.

  41. Ibrahim

    I leave in the US and I don’t know how or were to get some of the chocolate to buy , If anybody knows please help . My friends here won’t let me have a peace of mind until I get them a Ghana chocolate .

  42. I am a Tanzanian woman married by a Ghanian I tested the kingsbite chocolate n it was delicious big up to goldentree I was wondering if I get info on being a suplier of that chocolate here in Tanzania

  43. Ms Sord

    I know that the friend from Ghana is right about the texture being different in Ghana versus overseas. I had my first kingsbite milk chocolate bar in Ghana And when I ate it it was warm, almost melted and the texture was quite nice. In the US the texture was grainy, hard, didn’t melt in your mouth. I actually put the bar in the microwave for a couple of minutes in order for it to achieve the same state as I am countered it in Ghana.
    By far my favorite chocolate because of the consistently Strong cocoa taste whereas other mainstream chocolate seriously lacks this.

    That’s when you can experience I know that the friend from Ghana is right about the texture being different in Ghana versus overseas. I encountered my first kings fight milk chocolate bar in Ghana. And when I ate it it was warm, almost melted and the texture was quite different. In the US the texture was grainy, hard, didn’t melt in your mouth. I actually put the bar in the microwave for a couple of minutes in order for it to achieve the same state as I encountered it in Ghana. That’s when you can experience the true taste of the chocolate as I found it in Ghana.

  44. Sam

    I am from Ghana and have tasted all the golden tree chocolate. I have also tried chocolate here in europe. The chocolate here in Europe is made from cocoa butter a derivative of cocoa and of low quality. Also it contains a lot of sugar ,milk and other addictives. The Ghanaian kings bite is of better quality cocoa and does not melt in your hand because it is made directly from the powdered seeds. I will take a Ghanaian chocolate bar any day over all those Cadbury crap.

  45. Great review for a Ghananian chocolates Dom! I will definitely try this out!

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