Golden Road Crispeez

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While browsing through the sale shelves at World Market, I spotted this box at the bottom with a $1.99 price tag and took it up, barely even looking at it. I don’t recall ever seeing these on the regular shelves, but I think the original price is about four dollars. Still a reasonable amount for eight pieces of crisped rice. Or, to use Golden Road’s description, “Crispy, crunchy treat[s] for any occasion covered in milk confectionery coating and drizzled with white.”

I have never heard of Golden Road; all I can tell you is that they’re based out of Pennsylvania and have packaging that’s a mix between old-fashioned and cheap. It turns out that these are the kind of sweets you will happily continue eating even while knowing they’re far from perfect.

Their appearance is one imperfection, though you could write this one off as a handmade feel if you really wanted. Their size I do like. Crisped rice needs to be somewhat big, but these are also kept small enough that they look more like chocolates when you open the box. Which brings me to another thing I like: the box lid opens and closes easily — always something I’m glad of.

As soon as you work up to the tactile side, the word “confection” fits perfectly. That sweet, thick, and atmospheric smell you get walking down Main St, USA in Disneyland. A taste to match. I did have to turn to the ingredients asking, “There is some trace of chocolate in here, right?” Yes, the elusive cocoa powder is there just before the string of deadly artificial colorings. So the chocolate is more artificial flavors and sugar, but there can be some delight in this, too.

The crisped rice is a bit on the hard side, which is probably nothing more than a consequence of digging in the sale pile. Crisped rice, however, being a sort of airy substance, especially paired with as light a chocolate as this is, it’s quick work to finish off this box. Call it an informal indulgence.


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