Godiva Spring Fruits

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Godiva Spring Fruits

I have a bit of a history with Godiva. With their message of luxury inside golden boxes, they were a helping hand when I began to think of chocolate as beyond indulgence. But when I’ve had some of their chocolate more recently, I get lost in the sugar and can’t find what I once did. (Keep in mind that this is the U.S. Godiva). So I had some trepidation about picking up these chocolates at a Godiva store, yet I couldn’t walk out with nothing.

As you can tell from the name, this set was part of the spring display. Its clear case allows you to see the lively colors of the chocolates themselves; the green label and pink bow bring them out more. A minor annoyance is the lack of any flavor labeling. Not outside, not inside. I took the names down from the store’s glass display case instead.

Black Raspberry – A dark chocolate with a purple design. The purple filling tastes more like currants than raspberry. The texture is good – not a jelly, not liquid. The dark chocolate is sweeter than it is, but fits in well.

Lemon Chiffon – A dark chocolate with white coloring. I normally don’t like lemon chocolates much, but this one has the right balance of tart and sweet, with a little creaminess. I just don’t see it meshing well with the dark chocolate.

Godiva Spring Fruits

Mandarin Orange – Milk chocolate with yellow. The orange is very light, though it does have some of that gelatin/candied orange peel taste. Paired with the milk chocolate, it’s surprisingly blissful. Creamy, mellow like soft spring grass just growing in.

Green Pear – Milk chocolate with white. It has a cinnamon, apple pie smell and gets that halfway-scented-candle taste like the Signature Harvest’s apple truffle. But it’s better here – you can taste the cinnamon, the pear. With the chocolate, it’s warm-tasting; this one would be the feel of the sun on your skin.

Godiva Spring Fruits

Pina Colada – White chocolate with pink. Can definitely taste the pineapple here, which is a welcome, unusual flavor. Sticking to white chocolate means sweetness and a semi-chalky texture, but I like the result. The white, after all, is less sugary than the dark.

What did I learn from my return to Godiva? There is a reason why Godiva is around. Maybe every product won’t be a match for everyone, but this collection is quality. The Pina Colada and Mandarin Orange were my favorites; the Lemon Chiffon my least favorite, and it wasn’t bad. The flavors and colors all fit the season, along with a pretty and bright look. I may need to go back and see what else there is to try.


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  1. tracey

    You never say where you can buy any of your stuff from. It’s never in my local tesco..

  2. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    This stuff is American. If we can find a link to buy something online, we always put it in, but in this case I couldn’t find it anywhere – even on the Godiva site.

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