Godiva Red Velvet Ultimate Dessert Truffles

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Let me commence with my usual two-sided commentary on Godiva, that infamous company with which I have such a complicated relationship. When I was last passing through a Godiva store, I decided to take away a box of Red Velvet Cake truffles from the Ultimate Dessert Truffles range. Having so much enjoyed World Market’s take on Red Velvet, I couldn’t resist making a comparison.

Needful to note for such a comparison is that the four-piece/79 gram Godiva box is, what, five times the price of the World Market bar? At least the box is pretty. The bottom piece is striped in pink and red, and a pearly shine sets off the lid, whose swirly design is appropriately dessert-like. A lavender ribbon completes the frivolous, shiny candy shop look. I’m finding it all more interesting than Godiva’s regular plain, gold boxes. At least when I’ve finished the truffles, I know I’ll have a box left that looks delightfully like a chocolate syrup-covered scoop of vanilla ice cream in a pink and red dish.

The four dessert truffles have a standard Godiva look, sleek and not rustic or handmade. The plastic setting that keeps them in place (although not, as you can see, in upright position) doesn’t help me feel like I’m unearthing anything special.

As opposed to World Market’s inclusion of marshmallow bits, the element translates here to the truffles’ white chocolate shell. Underneath that shell is another one in dark chocolate. The World Market version tasted more like a standard red velvet cake, while the Godiva truffles have more richness. Without a label, I doubt I would be thinking red velvet. With the label, I can taste at least touches of the cake. The “redness” is miniscule, but the ganache easily associates with a general moist, rich cake. The white chocolate is an absolute must for the overall combination to work.

I can quite happily finish these truffles. They reach the indulgent level where sweet and rich collide (like in a dessert). They just don’t put me in awe, as Godiva never seems to for me these days. But I definitely prefer their more flavored pieces like this to the plainer ones. Not a gift I would mind receiving.


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  1. are you using a serrated knife to cut those?

    • Yes, I did–I know that isn’t the best idea. Coincidentally, though, I finally picked up a new knife to use for chocolate dissections that won’t leave teeth marks.

  2. Just curious, I probably would have bitten it in half 😀

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