Godiva Pearls

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Here’s a nifty way of carrying around a quick chocolate fix. This little tin contains 1.5oz (43g for metric readers) of dark chocolate balls – perfect for a pocket/bag/handbag. One notable thing about this product is the lack of any sort of information regarding cocoa content or ingredients. I therefore have to conclude that these are made from Godiva’s house dark chocolate. My attempts to garner further information via the web were pretty fruitless, although I did discover that they contain soy and may contain nuts’. Not much help there, then.

The Pearls have a glazed surface, but that soon melts away, releasing the chocolate onto your palate. It’s more ‘bittersweet’ than dark if you ask me – probably nearer 60% cocoa than 72% and definitely erring on the sweeter side of the dark chocolate spectrum, and of course the form lends itself to ‘just another one’ far too easily (although I did find it fairly easy to stop after five or six). The chocolate doesn’t come across as being particularly high quality, being sweet and slightly greasy, which is a shame because these things are not cheap. If you pop into Selfridge’s or John Lewis for a tin you’re not going to get much change out of £3.50, and when you consider that a similar amount of money will buy you (for example) an 80g bar of Duffy Sheardown’s amazing Red Star chocolate it suddenly becomes fairly obvious that this is overpriced, low quality confectionery. One might even coin the phrase ‘overpriced junk’.

I can’t help feeling that this is another example of a ‘big name’ manufacturer coasting along, trading on their reputation, totally oblivious to some of the magical things that are being produced by people with a passion for chocolate. Break down the price and you’re looking at 7p per gram of anonymous, factory produced chocolate. Throw a few more pennies in and you could be enjoying something from a company with a reputation for passion, creativity and above all great tasting ingredients. It’s a no-brainer. Avoid .


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  1. AnnaZed

    I’m sure that you are absolutely right in every specific about this candy, but you seem to be discounting the magic of just about anything packaged in a tin. The cute ‘retro’ atomic age style graphic even makes me want to buy it, and I know better.

  2. simon

    Well yes, of course I kept the tin!

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