Godiva Milk Chocolate Dipped Strawberry

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Whilst wandering through World Market’s Valentine’s Day displays, my eye alighted upon this offering from Godiva. While it is a newer release, I don’t believe it is strictly a Valentine’s Day one, though the red colors do fit in well with the the theme. Besides the display, it is also worth noting the store in which I found this bar. I used to only see Godiva in their shops and at department stores; that’s no longer the case.

The increased availability I find advantageous, although some might perhaps think that it takes away Godiva’s couture feel. The case is the same with the packaging: the warm brown and red colors and images of chocolate squares and ripe strawberries are both eye-pleasing and not couture. Am I complaining? Not at all. I think this look perfectly suits the product inside: just a touch, nothing more, of the special.

The 100 gram bar is molded without flaw, each square alternately marked with Godiva lettering or the Lady Godiva herself. At 31% cacao, Godiva’s milk chocolate is very creamy, yet fresh and light. Small strawberry pieces have a texture akin to crisped rice that adds a subtle crunch to the chocolate. The strawberry flavor is just right in its intensity as well as its individuality: it tastes neither artificial nor too sweet (as far as strawberry milk chocolates go, of course).

One thing more to say: I’m not sharing.


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  1. I absolutely LOVE Godiva. I’m not a real fan of Milk Chocolate, but I have to admit Godiva does a great job with it too. I wonder what this combo would taste like in Dark Chocolate?

    Heavenly, I’m sure! 🙂

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