Ginger Chocolate Face-Off: Round 2

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Back in 2007, Simon compared two ginger bars in a head to head review. Now we have two more ginger bars and it’s time for Round 2…


You know you’re going to have a fantastic day when you spot two new dark chocolate and ginger blocks done by two reputable chocolatiers at the same time. In this case, Whittaker’s Spicy Ginger block and Lindt Excellence Ginger Dark. They were sitting within a couple of feet of each other and I just had to have them both.

First off the starters’ blocks is the Whittaker’s. Weighing in at a meaty 250 grams it packs a not too shabby 47% cocoa solids.

It has a fine aroma that wafts up invitingly when the foil is opened and the ginger is spread throughout the block in small crystallised chunks. The overall taste is very nice and satisfying. Interestingly, despite ginger comprising 12% of the total block and being made from (in order of volume) sugar, ginger and icing sugar, the result is sweet but not too sweet. Maybe the ‘spicy’ bit in it is what moves it from being potentially far too sickly into highly enjoyable?


Ingredients-wise there’s nothing too unusual there and the fat thunders in at 29g per 100g. Not surprisingly the sugars make up 52.8g per 100 grams. Good thing I didn’t inhale the entire 250 grams in one sitting…


Lindt prefer to keep their Excellence blocks to a sleek 100 grams which I suspect are designed by evil (and thin) marketers to leave us punters wanting more of it. Like the Whittaker’s block, it is also packing 47% cocoa solids. This is a relief to me on both counts because I think that 70% chocolate would not highlight the sweet pepperiness of the ginger.

Unlike the Whittakers, there aren’t any chunks of crystallised ginger or even the powdered stuff. The ingredients panel describes it as ënatural flavour from ginger’ and no, I don’t know what that means either. The Lindt squares are much flatter and smoother than the grainier Whittakers and the taste is truly delectable. The absence of chunky bits means that the flavours effortlessly dissolve with the chocolate, revealing a peppery fruitiness as well as a distinct spectrum of fresh ginger and spices. The extra smooth factor is revealed in that it slaps you with 32 grams of fat per 100 grams but slightly less sugar than the Whittakers at 49 grams per 100 grams.


Lindt again show how to tackle a traditional dark chocolate partner in a different way that still celebrates the union but elevates it to something better still. In terms of quality and flavour it easily beats Whittakers.

That’s not to say that Whittaker’s isn’t good, because it is. Both will remain regular fixtures in my choco-pantry. Whittakers for value but Lindt for quality.


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  1. I have to agree here. I’ve tried both of these, and I like them both. If you hadn’t already gathered, I’m a Ginger Nut. (In the land of Oz, thats a biscuit aka cookie. So this is a really bad joke).

    The lumps of ginger in the Whittakers are really nice, and let you know you have The Real Deal. The flavour aint bad either.

    The Lindt is a really nice chocolate which I was determined to HATE because it lacked the lumpy bits. I couldn’t do it. It’s good. Really nice. Of course, it it had lumpy bits it would be better.

  2. Christine

    Hmmmm…. I just can’t imagine ginger chocolate without the lumpy bits but if two Chocabloggers agree then it must be ok! 🙂

    Another one to add to my ‘must try at some point’ list. (this list is getting long!)

  3. Lindt never disappoints and I am definitely going to keep my eye our for this one!

  4. It’s worth finding the Lindt, just because it DOESN’T have the lumpy bits; i.e. it’s different! And delicious…..

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