Ghirardelli Halloween Milk Chocolate with Caramel

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Ghirardelli Halloween Milk Chocolate with Caramel

I really wish someone would make a seasonal pumpkin chocolate. That one would be sure to catch my attention. But as eating these caramel squares is my sole Halloween act this year, I’d say Ghirardelli’s redress of a daily product is fitted to my meager attention to the holiday. These are a small step up from the Valentine’s Day squares, being wrapped in their own Halloween designs. There are three different designs, accompanied by three different messages, like “Come in for a coffin break.” Now, usually, messages are for when you’re giving candies out, but I can’t see too many people being willing to lavish forty cent each chocolates on Trick-or-Treaters. If they did, however, I’m sure everyone who got some would be quite pleased.

Ghirardelli Halloween Milk Chocolate with Caramel

I’m not sure that this is the same chocolate as was in the Valentine’s assortment. It may just be my memory, but this one seems to have a firmer, chewier caramel. The caramel also has a very strong, clean smell. The more solid caramels usually are waxy, while this one is wonderfully fresh. The calm milk chocolate has a rounded out flavor to accompany it. I can’t even call it sweet — there are so many cheaply done caramel/milk chocolate combos out there, they don’t compare much to this one.

Ghirardelli Halloween Milk Chocolate with Caramel

The Peanut Butter squares have also gone Halloween. Either one would be a nice choice if you want to celebrate a little with more than just the piles of candy at every corner.


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  1. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    So they just changed the packaging and nothing else? That’s not very creative of them!

  2. Brandi

    Your blog probably has to be the best blog I have ever discovered! I love chocolate!

  3. No, not very creative at all. But it seems like it’s either the top-notch companies or the ones on the other end of the scale that make holiday specific chocolates. Ghirardelli is in between the two. I like them, but they could use some more excitement.

  4. Callum

    From the picture it looks like a solid ‘frame’ of chocolate with thin crackly chocolate sandwiching caramel, ace!
    Where are they available? they look quite nice, 40 cents a peice, thats cheap enough for me! 😀
    Good work guys.

  5. Callum: Ghirardelli is pretty widely available (in the US, that is), most grocery stores carry them. And note that while they’re forty cents each, they’re sold in $4 bags.

  6. martin

    where i can buy it

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