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Like many (though certainly not all) of the Chocolate Salon participants, Gateau et Ganache is based out of California. Creator Annie Golding makes a variety of confections, specifically handmade marshmallows and truffles. As I mentioned, I found theirs among the top displays at the salon.

I chose four truffles to take home, which were wrapped up for me in a wine-colored box complete with a ribbon box. I love that the colors used are feminine in a style that is elegant and not girly. All of the chocolates, as well, are shiny are beautiful.

La Canelle (Organic Cinnamon) – A dark chocolate with drizzles of milk chocolate, smelling wonderfully of cinnamon. The inside is very smooth. This one really hits the spot for me: chocolate and milk and cinnamon with a hint of caramel make it a pure indulgence.

La Caramel Doux (Soft Caramel with a Hint of Cinnamon) – This is the one with the heart design on its face. The caramel is semi-liquid, though still with some thickness. It has the taste of when caramel isn’t just a sweet goo, but a delicate flavor. There is quite a bit of it, too, as the chocolate shell is relatively thin.

Le Gingembre (Ginger) – A sleeker look this one has, topped with a tiny piece of ginger. This I like: the ganache has an intensity of ginger, but it manages still to not be strong. The tanginess is like citrus and cinnamon, with the chocolate feeling wonderfully rich.

Vin et Epices (Spiced Red Wine Ganache) – An orange-spotted chocolate, I would not have guessed it to contain wine or even alcohol. It tastes more citrusy (unless I’m just using that description too much); some warm spices, though, I do taste. Overall, I would call it a truffle with low-key richness. It’s cool and warm at once – something you can sit enjoying for a while even if some of the more intense truffles don’t appeal to you.

The distinct air of Gateau et Ganache almost reminds me of Original Beans, though definitely with more of a confection-mindset. Hint, hint, some of these truffles would make great Christmas gifts. Beautiful and guaranteed enjoyable.


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  1. I think I need some chocolate now… and the expensive type! 🙂

  2. I haven’t heard of this product but will look for it at the grocery store! I really like the style of this chocolate. This is making me hungry! Love pretzels and chocolate together! I love chocolate! And, I loved reading your blog!! Thanks for sharing.

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