Galler Truffles

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Galler Truffles

More from the Belgian chocolate manufacturer I will always remember for seaweed and seasalt and my first beetroot chocolate experiences. This time we have a fairly impressive cardboard tube in Galler orange. Nestled within is a cellophane bag containing 150g of classic Belgian truffles, dusted with cocoa powder and smelling divine.

Galler Truffles

As you can clearly see, these are indeed classic Belgian truffles. Note the ultra-thin, crisp, bittersweet dark chocolate shell. Feast your eyes on the rich, mousse-like, rich, buttery, melting filling. Take a bite of one of these (they’re a little large for eating whole) and the cocoa dusting hits you with that bitter, dark taste before the dark chocolate joins in, smoothing away some of the extreme bitterness. The filling may appear solid, but it is in fact made of clouds, cream, and cocoa and melts away almost instantaneously, flooding the mouth with swirls of creamy, rich chocolate flavour. As the chocolate filling evaporates away, small fragments of the remaining shell release a last hit of dark, woody cocoa flavours and the whole thing is rounded off with the remnants of that first taste of dark, bittersweet cocoa.

My only question mark over these truffles is that I see not a single reference to cocoa content, or any other ingredients for that matter. I think it’s very important to relay this information. Knowing Galler’s range as I do, I’m sure these are top notch in terms of ingredients, but nonetheless, I find ‘anonymous’ chocolate somewhat suspect.

As far as taste goes, I don’t think that’s it’s a case of it being too long since I had a decent pack of truffles to enjoy – these really are authentic, wonderful Belgian truffles. I thoroughly enjoyed eating them. Highly recommended as a special treat.


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