Galler La Boite Ronde

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Gallery La Boite Ronde

This box, perhaps a more traditional offering for Valentines Day than a giant heart, comes from Galler.

La Boite Ronde (The Round Box) is home to a wide variety of shapes and flavours, with a menu covering over forty items, a possible content of thirty two, and the likelihood that you may also get something that isn’t on the menu, as I seemed to have. Mystery items aside, first impressions are good. Galler’s trademark burnt orange looks good, and the choice of a lightly corrugated feeling card for the box gives it a good texture. The double ribbon is a neat touch as well. The box also has a weighty feel to it. There are 330g of chocolates in there, and it feels like it.

Gallery La Boite Ronde

There’s something mildly eccentric about the fact that the chocolates vary in size as well as shape, and I found it quite pleasing to the eye. The non-uniformity of presentation was strangely appealing, with the chocolates seemingly randomly distributed through the two layers. Some of the size differences were interesting as well. The smallest of the white chocolates was positively dwarfed by the biggest milk and dark chocolate squares, making sharing an even more difficult business, I suppose.

Gallery La Boite Ronde

There’s certainly something to suit every chocolate lover, from rich, nutty pralines to smooth, gooey caramels, a smattering of floral flavours, a coffee ganache, or a dark, bittersweet marzipan treat. Standouts are the caramels and the Florales (naturally) but the whole collection is classic Belgian chocolate. There are a couple of ‘repeat’ flavours but in the main you tend to get one of almost anything, making this a rather interesting gift (and a real pain when it comes to sharing, because you tend to want to try everything for yourself).

These chocolates are very much as you would expect – very well made Belgian classics. They’re a fairly safe bet in that there aren’t any challenging flavours. No chilli, curry, tree by products or anything remotely ‘odd’ at all. Every one a tried and trusted favourite (unless you’ve never tried a rose, jasmine, or orange cream), and very one a prime example of it’s type. I thought the inclusion of three of the Florales might be considered a bit much – after all, there are four ranges in the ‘Elements’ set – but there again, if the Florales are the most popular with female customers, why not include three of them here? I suppose we could argue that one forever.

At over twenty five pounds, this isn’t a cheap gift, but it’s decidedly elegant; the chocolate equivalent of a hand finished Valentines Card methinks, and definitely something to consider for the more sophisticated recipient of your affections.


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