Galler Blended Venezuela Papouasie 43%

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Galler Blended Venezuela Papouasie 43%

Here we have the first of two bars I recently received from Galler. I’ve been accused of favouring Galler’s more exotic creations in the past (and I think I have) but this bar seems to have a promising lineage, being forged from a blend of Criollo from Venezuela and Criollo & Forastero from Papua New Guinea. According to the packaging the Venezuelan beans add warmth and caramel flavours, while the Pauan beans are there to add intensity and body to the final taste.

A sniff of this bar certainly had me interested. High notes of leather and citrus with an underlying cocoa note hinted at developing flavours during tasting, and when I sampled a square that’s precisely what I got. Initial light, wood/leather tangs gave way to a fuller, creamier palette as the chocolate melted. The squares (well rectangles actually) are fairly substantial, giving the chocolate plenty of time to fill my mouth, and from those light, subtle beginnings it continued to build in depth and intensity, peaking with a good, well-rounded milk chocolate flavour.

While not as sensationally flavoursome as some of the more exptic, rare and expensive milk chocolates I have tried, I found myself liking Galler’s effort. A straw poll of nearby chocolate eaters proved that I was right – this bar does have mass appeal. There’s nothing scary or odd about this chocolate bar. It’s a good quality, carefully made bar of milk chocolate which, while it might use somewhat more exotic beans, is still nonetheless just a bar of milk chocolate. If you like your milk chocolate and want quality ingredients with no added nasties (I refer specifically to palm oil here) then I would happily recommend trying this.


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