Galler 85% Dark Chocolate Spread (& Bananas)

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Galler 85% Dark Chocolate Spread

A recent press release from Galler suggested cooking bananas on a barbeque using their 85% cocoa spread as a filling. I was quite taken with the whole idea, but living in a second floor flat means barbequeing is a little tricky. However, cooking bananas wrapped in foil can be achieved without resorting to hot coals, so I fired up the oven (to 180 degrees) and set to work.

Stage one was easy – make an incision along the length of the fruit, being careful not to split the bananas.

Galler 85% Dark Chocolate Spread

Next, pack as much of the (rather delicious) chocolate spread into the cavity as is reasonable (i.e. don’t smear it all over your banana, otherwise the finished product will be difficult to manage when serving). Once satisfied with the levels of chocolate, the bananas should be (individually) wrapped in foil and put into the oven for about fifteen to twenty minutes.

Once cooked, all that remains is to (carefully) open the foil parcels and reveal your cooked bananas. A degree of dexterity is required to get them out of the skins intact (and without burning your fingers) but if your fruits were reasonably firm to begin with it shouldn’t be too difficult.

I decided to serve mine with ice cream, as you can see.

Galler 85% Dark Chocolate Spread

As you can see, I almost forgot to take the ‘finished product’ photo, and this bowl had to be whisked away from a rather annoyed dinner guest for a quick snapshot.

The bananas went down a treat = three out of three of my victims agreed that the combination of flavours was delicious. Of course, other chocolate spreads are available, but I’m not sure you’d find many with 85% cocoa. On its own the spread definitely has a powerful chocolate taste, tempered with a soft sweetness.

Since I have a reasonable quantity of this spread, my intention is to try a couple of other recipes, so keep your eyes eeled for at least one other culinary experiment using Galler’s chocolate spread.


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  1. Laura

    Oh my gosh… that looks divine! You’ve made me crave warm, chocolaty bananas at 8:20am, damn you!

  2. Ros

    Reminds me of cooking Choco Bananas on the campfire when I was in the Girl Guides. :p

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