Fudgsicle Triple Chocolate

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My last ice cream sample was this rather interesting idea. I always love eating chocolate from lighter to darker, so I was looking forward to experiencing that in ice cream. Or ‘fudge bars’, I should say.

I was a little disappointed, though, that they’re all wrapped in the same generic white plastic, which makes it hard to tell which flavor you have. The white is easy to see through the plastic, but the milk and dark aren’t so easily discernible. I ended up opening two milks before I got a dark. At least once you do have them all out, they look obviously different from each other. That may not be much to ask for, but it doesn’t always happen.

With the white, I was amazed that the singular taste of white chocolate was there, not a kind of substitute. But it also had a milky taste, which, as I don’t drink milk, was a little annoying to me.

The milk chocolate was a pretty average fudge bar. It would’ve been nicer just a little bit smoother. The dark was of that variety of dark chocolate flavor that’s thick and weird, unnaturally heavy yet also too sweet. It’s kind of similar to Nesquik. Maybe if I were eating it more casually I wouldn’t say so much, but it should still hold up to scrutinizing.

I still like the idea. The quality could’ve been better, but it wasn’t horrible. What I think would be nice, though, is to put all three together, maybe onto one ice cream. Three layers instead of three kinds. Because the only way to really get “the idea” I like is to eat all three together like I did, and that isn’t really recommended.


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