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Fry’s Orange CreamWe’ve already reviewed Fry’s Chocolate Cream on Chocablog, but now it’s time to take a look at its fruitier sibling. Now, having a fruity sibling might be something the average human being would be slightly ashamed of, but in this case it’s definitely something to be proud of.

On the surface, this bar looks exactly like the Chocolate Cream. A flattened ‘D’ shape bar of dark chocolate divided into chunks with the word ‘Fry’ on each piece. And as with its sibling, the chunks are purely decorative – the filling runs through the length of the bar and you can’t really split it along the lines anyway.

But this is a good thing. You see, the problem with a chocolate bar divided into chunks is that it implies you should be sharing it. And you really don’t want to be sharing this!

Fry’s Orange CreamThe dark chocolate is tasty and smooth without being overly bitter, and the filling is surprisingly delicious. It doesn’t quite have the flavour of real oranges, but it’s smooth, tangy and zesty. Almost sorbet-like. It is, however, very orange.

The overall effect is delicious and refreshing chocolate bar that leaves you wanting just one more bite.

One of our readers recently pointed out that there used to be a similar bar called Fry’s Five Centre with five different fillings that changed slowly in taste and colour down the bar. Unfortunately, this bar seems to have been discontinued in the early 90s, which is a real shame as it was without doubt my favourite childhood chocolate.

Still, I do think we should be grateful that the late Five Centre left behind three wonderful siblings (Orange, Chocolate and Peppermint Cream) which are still every bit as good as I remember from my childhood.

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  1. Yum Yum.
    Too bad I can’t go to the shop and get one.
    Azrin @

  2. Marvin

    I just recently discovered Fry’s Creams. The Orange Cream is my favorite. In Canada the only place I can find them is in a specialty shop.

  3. Kevin

    Nice to see these bars are still around after all these years. The mint and orange cream varieties are available in Canada. I would like to know what happened to the Peppermint and Five Fruits varieties.

  4. stoo

    love all frys creams you cant beat them but why arent there any frys five centres anymore, they should make a big comeback

  5. stoo

    in the uk we get the original chocolate cream, the peppermint cream and my fav the orange cream and as before want a five centre they rock can still taste the flavours i used to savour ,stoo, greenock,scotland.

  6. Brett

    I’m a chocahollic, and my biggest dissapointment was the discontinuation of the Frys five fruits in the early 90’s, in my opion the best chocolate ever made. I have recently discovered the orange cream which only makes me crave the other four flavours. To this day I still wonder why Frys stopped producing my Five fruits chocolate bar

    • Alan

      Apparently the machinery used in the production of Five fruits wore out and was too costly to replace, but I’ve never understood that reasoning myself lol

  7. Victoria

    I am a non-uk citizen who has been to England several times now.
    On my first trip I discovered Fry’s Orangecream, but I did have problems finding them on my recent trips.
    I just loooove this variant and have found a home-page where I am able to buy it. Thank Goodness!

  8. angela

    I LIVE in Essex in the England and have been in Tesco asda co op and cannot find any frys orange or any frys cream bars pls tell me were to buy

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