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A relative newcomer to the Aussie ‘lite’ chocolate bar scene, Fling is made by Masterfoods (Mars).

The blurb on the packet purrs, ‘Why have a full on chocolate affair when you can have a fling?’ and describes itself as ‘A delicate crispy centre layered with velvety chocolate cream covered in smooth milk chocolate.’

I was intrigued. And hungry. Of course, as stated before with regard to Mars bar ‘lite’, the main reason they have less fat is that there’s less of them in the packet. The same applies here. A 30g Fling costs the same as a regular-sized bar of chocolate (45-65g) and has the same fat content per 100g – 31.7%. They describe a serving as one 15g finger, so the fat content appears surprisingly small: 4.8g. But who’s only going to eat one finger instead of two for the sake of all that’s good and chocolatey?

Despite my cynicism, the bar came up trumps. The base tasted like the crunchy interior of a Malteser – not surprising considering that Maltesers are the key product of Masterfoods confectionery division and beloved by many an Aussie who chooses to eat them instead of rolling them down the aisles of cinemas. The top layer actually tastes like freshly whipped thick cream that you find in high end, hand-made truffles, which was a nice little bonus. I don’t know that I really want to find out what they put in it, to be honest.

The only trouble is that 30g is not enough. So I ate two.


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  1. Jim

    Hi Kath,

    nice review…it looks like this bar was supposed to be coming to the UK but by the looks of itMars has had to scrap these plans: http://www.marketingweek.co.uk/cgi-bin/item.cgi?id=60919&d=254&h=5&f=3

    It dosent look like we are missing to much annyway.


  2. Rachel

    How come you get all the chocolates I like to eat>
    I love these, they were on sale at the 99cents only store for …uhm 99cents, for a whole box of 12. SO I bought 10 boxes.

    Now they’ve run out of that stock and back to twin bars for 50 cents.


    I love them, and was not expecting anything good.

  3. Mable

    Hi there,

    Was wondering if Fling is still sold in Australia. I’m in Canberra and I can’t seem to find them anywhere… Please help.


  4. Mable

    Hi there,

    Was wondering if Fling is still sold in Australia. I’m in Canberra and I can’t seem to find them anywhere… Please help…

    Thanks heaps!

  5. i cant find my chocolate (fling) is there any way i can get it im in perth or is there a website i can get it from?

    please help

  6. The Mars Fling bar was discontinued in 2009 and is no longer available (sadly).

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