Feodora Grand’Or Limette 75%

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Grand’Or LimetteContinuing the series of ‘chocolate I bought while abroad’, may I present a little something from Germany.

Made by Feodora, this bar has 75% cocoa bitter dark chocolate blended with Lime oil. Obviously, we’re all familiar with Orange and chocolate, but I’ve never seen other citrus fruits included in chocolate bars. Nor have I ever seen Feodora chocolate before, so it was something I was very much looking forward to trying.

As you can see from the photo, it fulfills the ‘posh choc’ criteria by being divided into large, thin squares with the manufacturer’s logo stamped into the chocolate. As soon as you get close to this bar, you catch a whiff of lime, something I have always liked (I remember monstering my way through many a quarter pound of chocolate limes as a boy).

Grand’Or LimetteThe chocolate itself is definitely bitterweet. It’s dark cocoa rich flavour is given a delightful sharp extra note by the inclusion of the lime, which floods your mouth as the chocolate melts away, leaving a lingering citrus tang on the palate. For me, an unusual and very welcome taste experience – a real treat. I would recommend this as a superb after dinner nibble, but not one to overdo. A couple of squares was quite enough for me for one sitting, as it is very rich and strong in taste.

This was by no means the most expensive bar I bought while away, and I’m surprised that there’s nothing like it available from UK manufacturers. Are our chocolate companies so loathe to try new flavours that we are condemned to ‘dark, milk or white’ from the big companies? All I can say is thank goodness for the ‘new breed’ of English chocolatiers, whose rising popularity must surely be related to the dearth of any decent product from the big boys.

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  1. Mary Ackerman

    Hi there:
    I agree that the chocolate with lime is by far the most incredible chocolate I’ve ever eaten and here in the US is is not the most expensive either! The flavor is amazing. It is the only chocolate I indulge in and even on a weight reduction program, I allow myself to indulge on a pretty regular basis with no negative effects.

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