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The setting is Whole Foods. The focus is on me, doing some shopping. The object is a little stand at the end of an isle. I pass by it once, shielding myself from its temptation. I go choose some bread, then pass by it again on my way to the register; I still resist. But alas, I find myself waiting in line next to the display of Fairytale Brownies. I begin to feel like a vulture as I circle them with my gaze. At last, I reach out viper-quick for an Original Brownie to add to my basket.

Fairytale Brownies I recognize from one of my Google searches for chocolate shops in the Phoenix area. Started by Eileen Spitalny and David Kravetz, the company has been around since 1992. They use all natural ingredients, farm-fresh eggs and creamery butter, are certified Kosher and free from preservatives and artificial coloring, and use Callebaut chocolate. Of course, I didn’t find that last bit out until after my brownie was nearly gone as the wrapper only calls it “unsweetened Belgian chocolate.”

I happen to have brought this brownie home by bus; what would be too warm a trip for a chocolate, I thought a brownie would manage. All the same, it felt melty when I got home. I took it as a good sign, though: doesn’t it mean that there is actually chocolate added to these brownies? When I later brought it out of the refrigerator, I broke off just a corner to try.

Oh, my. Now, this is how I like brownies to be. It’s wonderfully fudgy with the crisp layer limited to the very top. Does it melt in your mouth? Oh, yes. The degree of moistness is amazing. The brownie does seem to lean on the thin side; maybe the texture was easier to keep with a thinner size (unless I’m responsible for smashing it? No, that cannot be..).

Even before I read about the Callebaut chocolate, it was apparent that the chocolate quality is above average and that Fairytale Brownies strive to maintain a limited number of ingredients versus adding piles of fillers. I couldn’t help but follow that tiny corner I pinched off with all but the last fourth; I assure you that this means much coming from me as I have a terrible need to make things last beyond one sitting. The brownie’s tag-line is “A Taste of Pure Enchantment,” and you know what, it fits well enough.


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