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This impressive looking beast comes from the English Cheesecake Company, and apparently serves 12 (or one hungry chocolate reviewer). Cheesecake isn’t something we would normally write about here, but when the English Cheesecake guys asked if they could send something for review, we weren’t going to say no. Just as long as it had chocolate in it.

One important thing to note about these cheesecakes is that they’re delivered frozen and packed in dry ice. Unfortunately, I wasn’t aware of this as I ripped the box open, and ended up burning myself on the uninsulated dry ice bags.

Equally unfortunately, the “This Way Up” notices on the packaging had been ignored, and as a result, all of the topping pieces were loose in the box rather than on top of the cake. I replaced them best I could,but I’ve actually no idea if the cake is meant to look like that or not. A problem compounded by the fact that this particular cake doesn’t seem to appear on their website.

If I’d ordered this cake for a celebration and paid the £27 it apparently costs, I wouldn’t have been happy. But I just don’t think there’s any a luxury cake with loose topping pieces can be delivered by standard courier or post. If anyone has bought one, I’d be interest to know what condition theirs arrived in, and if my experience was a one off.

Gripes aside, the cake is kind of awesome. Everything about it is chocolate flavoured. The base is chocolatey, the cheesecake is chocolatey and the topping pieces are made from chocolate coated honeycomb.

Having defrosted the cake, I took a generous slice and was suitably impressed. Five minutes after that I had made myself slightly ill from the quantity I’d consumed. It was fresh and tasty, but for me the chocolate and cheese clashed just a little. I think a standard cheesecake with the chocolate just confined to the toppings would have been a little fresher and cleaner tasting. In this case, by the time I’d moved on to my second over-sized helping, it was becoming a bit of a chore…

So would I recommend the English Cheesecake Company? Well I’m going to assume my experience of finding the topping everywhere but on top of the cake was a one-off and say “yes”, particularly if you’re a real cheesecake fan. Personally, I’d go for a none-chocolate cake though.


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  1. They’ve sent me a couple over the last year, and I’ve never had an issue with the delivery. In fact, I’ve found that as they’re frozen the cheesecakes travel really well! I had some half football shaped ones delivered last year that crossed south London defrosted unharmed.

    But I do agree that they’re sometimes a little ‘too much’ when it comes to the flavours and toppings. I’d love to try a simple lemon one. The cheesecake is so good, but often gets overpowered by everything else going on.

  2. Notice you didn’t get the Kavey around to help you eat it!!!

  3. I’m afraid the rather generous portion you gave me at the weekend had churned to liquid by the time I got home. No fear, I dug out and salvaged the little clusters of chocolate covered honeycomb which were pretty good!

  4. Lindsay

    I had a macadamia and caramel one last year and it was absolutely wonderful! God it was delicious. Perfect in every way, including presentation. You must have been unlucky. I’d buy another one if I had more self-control, but I know I’d just eat half of it the day I got it, and the second half the next day…

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