Endangered Species Supreme Dark Chocolate

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Endangered Species Supreme Dark Chocolate

Time and time again I’ve walked by this range, but I finally picked up their 72% bar.

Not only is it 100% ethically traded, but 10% of the profits go to “help support species, habitat, and humanity.” The outer cover folds out to some info on this bar’s particular animal, the chimpanzee, and the technique used to grow their cacao. They grow it in forests (mainly Peru), saving them from being cut down. Plus, it’s also vegan chocolate.

Endangered Species Supreme Dark Chocolate

The ingredients are also interesting: cocoa mass, beet sugar, soy lecithin, and vanilla.

The fifteen smooth squares have a beautiful shine and a healthy snap. Initially, you get dark cocoa flavors in a texture not exactly grainy, but more “dusty” because it’s still of a fine consistency. Then I got worried.

The flavor played on the hinges of boring blackness for a second. It was also much sweeter than I’d expected. Its melting pace is very nice, though. Neither fast nor slow, but just right. Perfect for chewing a little and letting the pieces sit in different place of your mouth, unleashing a bolder flavor. This is where I started to really enjoy it. Is it a red flavor? No, not exactly. Berry? No. Is that the beet sugar? No, that can’t be it, though it is tied in with the sweetness.

Endangered Species Supreme Dark Chocolate

The more you eat, the better this chocolate tastes. It’s a cross between a munchy chocolate and a fine chocolate. Which makes it a good bridge as well as a good cause. Also not too expensive for having all those good causes, being 85 grams.


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  1. Smap, Deanna! I ate and wrote up a review (not yet up Dom, hint hint) for their dark with raspberry and milk with cherry flavours).

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