Emily’s Chocolate Pecans and Graham Crackers

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Emily's Chocolate Pecans and Graham Crackers

When I received a package from Emily’s Chocolates with four (I’ll get to the other two next time) of their offerings, I naturally started to open one of them to see if I could get away with some tasting before I got the camera out. Not that I really wanted chocolate at this moment. Horrible as it is to admit that, I was simply past my usual sugar intake and ready to do the entire tasting another day. But, nonetheless, how could I help trying just one lonely Milk Chocolate Cocoa Dusted Pecan?

My reaction: a slight widening of the eyes and an instant calming feeling in my head. I hadn’t been too excited about the whole pecan thing: many of my neighbors are overrrun with pecans from their trees, so when they “kindly” give us a box of them, they usually take quite a while to disappear. Abundance isn’t always such a good thing. But these! The pecan itself is very soft and gentle, appearing much like a walnut somehow. The milk chocolate is of that breed that tastes not of “sweet,” not of “caramel,” but of chocolate. I hate to call it “light” or anything; it’s simply well-balanced in its essence. The addition of cocoa powder adds a nice warmth that reminds me of cinnamon. Completely wonderful.

Emily's Chocolate Pecans and Graham Crackers

When I moved onto the Milk Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers a little later, I was initially disappointed that there were only five in the box. I dismissed it, though, seeing that they are fairly big. Two and a half inches (6 cm) long. Thick, too, and rather pretty. Definately not stingy on chocolate here: there’s as much (if not more) of it as there is cracker. Now, I was still thinking that this was a less than average idea, but then I tasted one of them. My reaction this time: Wow, what do they put in here? The dark milk chocolate creates an effect of vanilla cream in its symbiosis with the honey graham cracker, as that’s a very pronounced honey taste. Its crunch in between sweet chocolate quickly appealed to my Kit Kat weakness, though being much heartier than a scantily-covered wafer.

I’m impressed. Especially considering that I had a little bit of bias towards pecans and graham crackers and wasn’t in the mood when I first tried them. Right from the plain yet vogue boxes to the last bite, these have a life and expression all their own, yet accessible to all. (I just love it when chocolate gets me all philosophical…)


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