Domori Cacao Teyuna

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Domori Cacao Teyuna

Another gift from the Academy of Chocolate Awards goody bag, this is my first encounter with Domori. The subtly designed box is home to a 50g sliver of dark chocolate made with Colombian beans. Having thoroughly enjoyed my encounter with the Santander bar, I was cheerfully optimistic about this one.

The blurb on the box (mercifully brief and unpretentious) promises “Notes of cashew and honey. It has a sweetness and a long finish.” Naturally, they are correct. The honeyed, nutty flavours come through as soon as this hits the tongue. Being so thin it requires no effort at all – no chewing require. Sit a sliver of this on your tongue and in seconds the rich, semi-sweet cocoa flavours are upon you. It has the same ‘semi-sweet’ taste complex as the Santander bar, with a prolonged finish which holds the sweetness for a while then ends with woody, slightly bitter cocoa highs.

Domori Cacao Teyuna

The mouthfeel is superb, light as a whisper on the palate and packed full of quite complex flavours. They really aren’t lying when they mention cashews either! If you’re relatively new to dark chocolate and want the flavour without the full body, this is ideal. Similarly, if you love to try single origin bars I would recommend this as an excellent example of Colombian cocoa.

Unfortunately, Domori’s website needs a little sorting out. It’s a curious hybrid of English slogans and Italian text, with very little in the way of pricing information (unless that comes at checkout time, in which case, points should be deducted). I’m guessing that these bars are not cheap. Having said that, this one was jolly good and well worth tracking down.


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  1. Maggie

    Ever since I tried their Porcelana bar, I’m a huge fan of Domori. You can get their bars online at

  2. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Ah… thanks Maggie – I’ve added a ‘buy online’ link to the post!

  3. Adriano

    Domori rules…It might be the best dark chocolate you can get from Italy,everything l’ve tried so far has been really excellent.Suprisingly little ingridients but superb,maximum taste.Wonderfull!

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