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My links to what’s hip and groovy in the music world are hazy at best, but DMC Confectionery remind me of the rappers Run-DMC. Thankfully though, DMC Confectionery have a much larger range, more skilled and far better products.

The lovely Barbara gave me a range of their products to try, all of which are made in McLaren Vale, South Australia. Close cousin to the Barossa Valley in terms of fame for wines.

They use Belgian chocolate for their products but local ingredients for their fillings. Their flavoured jellies (also known as pectins, for purists who know about ‘real’ jellies and not the chemical-laden ones) are already famous in Australia and when combined with good quality chocolate they’re just begging to be eaten.

‘Mini pecs’ sounds like they’re a tiny box of muscles and, in a way, they are. These gorgeous half-orbs of milk chocolate-smothered Turkish Delight were utterly delicious. Nine year old Sapphire and I love Turkish Delight, but have struggled to find something that has good chocolate (Cadbury’s is OK) with a good filling (Cadbury’s is most definitely not OK), and with these, we have found it. The delicate rosey fragrance also contributes to the enjoyment of them and these smelled as delicious as they tasted. I’d love to know if they also do them in a dark chocolate style as well because, as with caramel, I think that dark chocolate would pair up magnificently well with rose fillings.

DMC Confectionery also make a white chocolate called ‘Passionfruit Charlottes’. They may look like a particularly attractive box of truffles but their inside are – as the name suggests – a passion fruit flavour but made as a jelly instead of the usual chocolate paste or cream filling. It may initially seem unusual until you taste it: having such a tangy and strong fruit flavour in a jelly seems to result in a much fresher taste than smothering it in cloying butter and cocoa.

Once again, as with the ‘Mini Pecs,’ Turkish Delights, the Charlottes smell so sweet and delicious the second the see-through cover is removed. Also, the white chocolate seems a more appropriate partner than milk or dark chocolate (I never thought I’d ever be writing such a sentence!) as it complements the fruit filling as fresh cream or ice-cream would.

At the moment, these delicacies are sold at selected wineries and gourmet chocolate stores and cafes but interest is increasing. If you’re nice, Barbara (barbara [at] might tell you where you can find them. Trust me; they’re worth it.


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  1. Marcia

    They look delicious! I’m a Turkish Delight fan, so these are right up my alley!

  2. river

    Hopefully they’re available at Chocolates On Parade. I’ll check next time I’m in there.

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