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I have neglected to mention one of the chocolate sweets I brought back from the Disneyland Resort (there were also chocolate cookies and fudge that were never going to last long enough for a review.)

Now, to understand my feelings toward this particular line of candy boxes, you must first understand in what mood I was when my eye first alighted on them. There I was, slinking around in silent circles through the never-ending rooms of the World of Disney store, observing most everything and deciding what I would take with me…

Ah, the candy section is here. Hmm, there seem to be more chocolate choosings than before. Oh, what’s this? Ha, Chocolatear, that’s perfect! Oh, this one’s good, too. And this one…

For those who neither remember nor are aware, The Mickey Mouse Club was a TV show Walt Disney put together in the fifties with a cast of children called Mouseketeers. Hence my excitement at the collision of worlds occurring in the line on the box: I’m a Chocolatear.

As you can see, the boxes (not all with chocolate-related candies) all worked off of a theme, either a Disney character or line or some such thing. My other favorite among them featured a vintage-looking Monorail with a pun on the English/Spanish audio recording cautioning you to keep your hands, arms, feet, and legs inside the vehicle. The Mood Chocolate based on the seven dwarfs that someone else in my party chose wasn’t one of the best, but I show it here, such as it is.

I suppose I must make a note on the candies themselves, though it’s no surprise what I’ll say. The milk chocolate raisins from the Chocolatear box are incredibly sweet, and I don’t use the word “incredible” lightly. In fact, they almost taste more like caramels than chocolate raisins. The raisins are certainly more like a chewy, slightly fruity center than real raisins.

The Mood Chocolate is in the same format as M&M’s, but no more special than the raisins. Not that it matters too much by any account. The casual tourist won’t care much, and the strange people like me care more about the box than what’s inside, anyway. And I really did enjoy looking at these boxes: there were variety, originality, and nostalgia on the 6×3 inch covers.


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