De Bondt ‘Aromatico’ Coriander Chocolate

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De Bondt ‘Aromatico’ Coriander ChocolateThis is the ‘cream of the crop’ from the Etruscan Chocohotel’s Chocostore. At €8, a definite luxury purchase, and consequently something I had high hopes for, especially as I was very curious about the combination of 60% dark chocolate and coriander.

Unlike most of the products we buy today, this bar has very little to say about quantities and nutritional values.

It contains chocolate, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, GM-free soy lecithin, and natural vanilla. The packaging is also a little unusual, being a sort of silvered ‘bag’ which expands when cut open.

The deBondt web site is of little help, as it appears to be under development, so I have nothing to report on other products which may be available.

Anyway, down to the crucial part – what does chocolate taste like when it’s mixed with coriander? I’m assuming that coriander leaf was used in the process, as the wrapper suggests the presence of greenery, but I could be wrong.

On opening the packet and having that first big sniff, I was delighted to get a nose full of dark cocoa aromas. The chocolate itself is dark, and as soon as it hits your tongue you get a lovely subtle hit of cocoa flavours, followed almost immediately by a sweeter floral note, which must be the coriander.

There are tiny particles of something crunchy in the bar as it melts, so I must assume that coriander seed is used, and that these tiny bits are in fact the result of the seeds being milled for blending. The chocolate is quite bittersweet, and incredibly moreish. The combination of flavours is really something else, the sweet floral notes of the coriander blending wonderfully with the darker cocoa tastes to produce a quite unique taste. I love this chocolate!

Having tasted this bar, I will certainly be keeping an eye out for both de Bondt products and any other bars I can find with coriander in them. Highly recommended (even if it is a ridiculous price to pay for 100g of chocolate!)

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  1. Hello, thanks for your review. I am currently developing De Bondt’s website; the italian version is almost complete.
    We are going to include other reviews in the english version, wich will be on line soon, and I will include your review, with your permission.

  2. Simon

    I am more than happy to let you use my review on your site.
    I’d also be extremely happy if you could somehow arrange for us to have some more de Bondt products to sample and review!

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